Disaster Recovery Centre for Scanning

You cannot afford for your scanning operations to be down. Scanning downtime can threaten your organization’s service delivery, cash flow and severely impact your bottom line. What would you do if you are no longer able to scan, capture and route payments, forms, claims, records or other mission-critical documents?

This is why it is important to have a proper disaster recovery plan in place and feel confident that you can ensure business continuity. iGuana’s ScanFactory Disaster Recovery Centre for your document scanning operations offers a complete solution to address this challenge.

Disaster Recovery with ScanFactory

Leveraging over 30+ years of experience scanning and indexing huge volumes of documents, iGuana works with organizations of any size and addresses the document scanning needs of the most demanding customers.

ScanFactory is a physical disaster recovery facility located at iGuana headquarters in Zaventem, Belgium. Equipped with high-speed, high-volume scanners and a trained team of experienced professionals, ScanFactory can scan and index up to 150.000 sheets per day.

In the unlikely event of a disaster occurring at your site, ScanFactory can be used to scan your documents, preventing costly interruption to your day-to-day operations.

Our Disaster Recovery Services

With our disaster recovery services you can quickly resume critical business operations after a disaster – we work with you to develop recovery procedures that address every aspect of your unique operation. We will design a custom disaster recovery plan for you, taking in consideration your specific needs and budget.


  • 30+ years volume scanning & indexing
  • 320.000.000+ documents processed
  • 150.000 sheets per day scanning capacity
  • Personalized disaster recovery plan
  • Secure iFibre internet connection
  • Trained team of professionals
  • Safe and secure facility

Scanning Facility Video

Download Disaster Recovery Centre Brochure here.

Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Your individual disaster recovery plan can contain a number of services outlined below. Contact us to discuss your needs and how we can ensure the continuity of your critical scanning operations should a disaster strike.

  • Pre-register and pick up your documents using a dedicated ScanFactory transport vehicle
  • Deliver your files to our secure ScanFactory facility in uniquely numbered archive boxes
  • Classify and separate individual box contents and generate a unique barcode for each file
  • Scan all documents (front and rear) in black & white and colour, using highly specialized scanners
  • Perform continuous quality checks to ensure all files (paper and scanned) are in order
  • Securely destruct paper files (certificate provided) or deliver the documents back to you
  • Ensure that all scanned files and metadata are ready for import into your DMS, HIS, ERP, etc.
  • Route scanned documents to the correct members of your staff, if necessary