Document Archiving Compliance Audit

Mordern organizations are often required to comply with increasingly stringent regulatory rules and retention requirements. This is especially true for highly regulated industries, such as Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. Requirements in these industry sectors are such that documenting your compliance procedures becomes almost as important as compliance itself.

What is the main goal of these procedures? The ultimate objective is to create a document archive infrastructure where integrity, credibility and security of the records contained in it cannot be legitimately questioned by regulatory authorities.

Our Compliance Audit Services

Leveraging over 30+ years of experience in document management and archiving, iGuana can help you establish internal controls to maintain, preserve and access your archived documents, ensure their accuracy and completeness, and keep them safe from destruction, loss or tampering. We can also help you prepare all the necessary compliance documentation for submission to regulatory authorities, such as Kruispuntbank.

Considering the increasing complexity of regulatory requirements, iGuana can help ensure that you keep up with and proactively adapt to changing regulations, thus reducing your compliance cost and limiting your exposure to liability associated with non-compliance.

Compliance for Healthcare

The Royal Decree on Data Stored by Hospitals dated 10 May 2015 issued by Belgium regulatory authorities is an example of a regulation requiring hospitals to comply with a number of requirements pertaining to data stored by them in paper or electronic format. Information on regulator’s requirements can be found here.

As a market leader in document management and archiving for the Healthcare sector, iGuana has extensive experience working with the Kruispuntbank to establish processes and procedures for regulatory compliance.

We can make an initial audit of your healthcare organization and guide you through the process of establishing necessary procedures and controls. We can also perform regular audits to ensure that you remain in compliance with regulatory changes and avoid unexpected liabilities and costs.

Download our Document Archiving Compliance Audit Brochure here.


  • 30+ years in document archiving
  • Experience working with regulators
  • Library of compliance templates
  • Proven audit methodology
  • Leader in healthcare

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