Document Scanners

Scanning of your corporate documents should be as time and cost efficient as possible and produce high-quality digital replicas of your paper files. The main goal is to feel confident that you can use the scanned documents the same way you use paper documents without compromising quality. If you are looking for quality document scanners for your organization, iGuana is your supplier of choice.

Why Purchase Scanners from iGuana?

We have over 30 years experience in document scanning and digital archiving. We offer a wide range of electronic document management and document scanning products and services. iGuana (former Allgeier DMS Solutions) is a trusted partner of reputable companies in the document scanners business, such as Kodak, Fujitsu and Canon. We are an Authorized Reseller of Kodak Document Imaging Products and a Kodak Certified Gold Partner for Capture Pro Software.

We can offer you a unique combination of products and services as part of a complete, one-stop-shop package:


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Consulting Services
We analyze your needs and advise you which document scanner you should purchase. It is essential that you purchase the correct scanner. If you choose your document scanner incorrectly, you run the risk of incurring unexpected and unnecessary costs. Find out more about how to choose the right document scanner here.
Hardware & Software
To convert paper documents into digital files you will need more than just scanners – you will also need capture software. We provide both hardware and software as part of one bundle. This will save you considerable time and money, which you will inevitably have to spend if you decide to purchase these products separately.

Installation & Maintenance Services
Like any other hardware, your document scanner(s) will require installation, regular maintenance and parts replacement due to normal wear and tear. We will provide you with expert technical staff dedicated to and responsible for installation, maintenance and repair of your document scanners, and serve as one point of contact for all your needs.

Download Scanner Maintenance Brochure here.

Desktop Scanners

Desktop document scanners easily fit on an office worker’s desktop and can typically scan 20-30 pages per minute. They are small, quick, intelligently designed scanning devices that are ideal for small offices and individual use. Note that desktop scanners are not the same type of document scanners that you would use at home for occasional scanning.

Departmental Scanners

Departmental document scanners are designed to scan a few thousand pages per day and are usually set up as dedicated scanning stations for one or more departments. These are not multi-functional printers that you would normally find in a typical office. Departmental scanners are specialized machines designed to help streamline document processes in busy office environments.

Production Scanners

Production document scanners are used in high-volume, high-speed centralized scanning environments. For example, this type of document scanners is often used for daily processing of huge volumes of insurance claims, patient files, incoming mail, loan applications, etc. Production scanners can tackle the most demanding high-volume requirements.

Network Scanners

Network document scanners are used to scan documents directly to the network without having to use a PC. These document scanners are used to scan to applications, e-mail, fax servers, network folders, FTP sites, printers, flash drives, etc. With the help of network scanners you can get information quickly and easily into your workflow systems.

Large Format Scanners

Large format document scanners are used to scan wide format documents that cannot be scanned using regular scanning devices. Examples of large or wide format documents include maps, blueprints, engineering or technical drawings, photographic images, architectural renderings, etc.

Book Scanners

Book document scanners are used to scan books, magazines, and other bound documents. Book scanners are optimized to make the book or bound document scanning process as easy, simple and time efficient as possible and are widely used by libraries, museums and archives.

Microform Scanners

Microform scanners are used to scan various types of microforms, such as microfilm or michrofiche. Microfilm consists of reduced scale photographic images of printed or other graphic material and microfiche is a transparent film card that stores printed information in miniature form.

X-ray Film Scanners

X-ray film scanners are used for digitizing X-ray films, such as patient/medical X-rays. Hospitals and radiology offices find X-ray films extremely expensive to store and retrieve. This makes for a good business case to convert X-ray films to digital format.