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Many organizations find themselves drowning in paper documents produced during the course of their day-to-day operations or stored in their physical on-site or off-site archives. With time the number of documents only tends to increase, creating an urgent need for storage space and making your archive very difficult and costly to manage. As the size of your archive increases, so do document storage and retrieval costs, as well as the risk of losing important files and not being able to guarantee compliance.

Unless a viable solution is found, your organization’s productivity and bottom line can suffer considerably.

Digitize Your Paper Archive

A number of businesses opt to invest into additional storage space and human resources to maintain their expanding paper archive. Unfortunately, research and our own experience show that the cost of manual handling of a paper archive or external storage is often grossly underestimated and is substantially higher than that of its digital alternative. This is also true for companies that are required to have a physical archive for legal compliance reasons – the cost of managing and retrieving physical files, especially when there is an urgent need to locate a particular document or when files need to be retrieved on a regular basis, can be considerable.

Digitizing your archive can help you mitigate all these risks and protect your bottom line.

Outsource Your Document Scanning

If document scanning is not your core business, digitizing your paper documents can become a costly and time-consuming undertaking, especially if you have a significant backlog of paper files.

iGuana ScanFactory offers an easy solution – a completely outsourced document scanning service that will save you time, money, effort and help you focus on your core business. All iGuana ScanFactory services are delivered to you by qualified, well-trained personnel and are supported by decades of experience in scan project management. You can take advantage of Help2Scan Document Scanning-as-a-Service, our all-inclusive, “monthly subscription” service. You can also lower your costs and empty your entire paper archive by opting for Store2Scan, our off-site storage, scanning and indexing service.

If you already have a Document Management System (DMS) in place, documents scanned at iGuana ScanFactory, as well as related metadata, can be imported or fed into the workflows of your existing DMS or another IT system, such as your HIS, ERP, etc. This means that authorized members of your staff will always have on-demand access to documents stored in your digital archive.

If you do not have a DMS in place, you may wish to consider the iGuana iDM Document Management Software, which perfectly complements all services provided by the iGuana ScanFactory.


  • Eliminate storage costs
  • Eliminate retrieval costs
  • Access documents on demand
  • No software
  • No hardware
  • No maintenance
  • No errors
  • No hassle

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iGuana ScanFactory Services


If you have a considerable backlog of paper files, we can take care of high-volume, high-speed scanning and indexing of your documents. Documents scanned and indexed at ScanFactory can be readily imported into your existing DMS.


As any other organization, you are bound to use all kinds of forms in your day-to-day operations. We can scan these forms for you and collect metadata from them. These metadata can then be imported into your existing IT systems for further processing.


We can provide daily incoming invoice scanning and data capture services. We capture all necessary information, including Supplier Name, Invoice Number, Date, Amount, VAT and other data. We guarantee that all captured data are 100% correct.


We offer specialized scanning services for various types of film, which many companies find very expensive to store and retrieve. Depending on your needs, we can assist in digitizing your X-ray films, microfilms and microfiches.


MailFactory offers mailroom scanning services. This includes daily incoming mail scanning and routing of scanned mail to correct members of your staff for further processing. If you wish, scanned mail can also be fed into your existing workflows.