Are you looking for ways to reduce the amount of time your staff spend working with paper and scanning documents on a daily basis? As a business you face a dilemma – you want your staff to be more productive but do not wish to engage in a full-scale digitization project.

Maybe all you need is a little help with paper files that your own staff simply do not have time or resources to handle? If so, Help2Scan is a good way to relieve your staff of the extra work and let them focus on their core activities.

Help2Scan Service

If document scanning is not your core business, digitizing your paper documents can become a costly and time-consuming undertaking, especially if you have a significant backlog of paper files.

With decades of experience in scan project management, iGuana offers an easy solution. Help2Scan is a completely outsourced, all-inclusive document-scanning-as-a-service package that will save you time, money, effort and help you focus on your core business. Help2Scan is offered through iGuana ScanFactory, our document scanning facility.

Fixed Budget, No Surprises

There is no need to “shock” your business and your staff with the prospect of a one-off, large-scale digitization project, even if you can outsource all the work. Help2Scan is essentially a “subscription” service. Just as there are firms that purchase software-as-a-service and pay a monthly subscription fee to use it, why shouldn’t it be possible for you to have your documents scanned for a monthly, all-inclusive fee?

The subscription contract includes a fixed number of boxes provided by ScanFactory (standard size). The fee is charged on a per-box basis (minimum 100 boxes per month).


  • Fixed price per box
  • Fixed budget per month
  • No software
  • No hardware
  • No maintenance
  • No errors
  • No hassle

Help2Scan Video

Download Help2Scan Brochure here.

Advantages of a Fixed-price Contract

Paying a fixed monthly fee for a document scanning service offers numerous advantages.

  • You do not have to invest a lump sum of money upfront, which is something that your accounting department will be pleased with
  • You will receive a fixed monthly invoice and will always know what to expect the following month, allowing management to budget accordingly
  • You will eliminate any potential unplanned expenses and unwanted surprises

Services Provided

You can rely on our staff to do the work that your employees do not have time for. There is no software, no hardware, no maintenance requirements and therefore no hassle for your organization. We can do the following for you:

  • Pre-register and pick up your documents using a dedicated ScanFactory transport vehicle
  • Deliver your files to our secure ScanFactory facility in uniquely numbered archive boxes
  • Classify and separate individual box contents and generate a unique barcode for each file
  • Scan all documents (front and rear) in black & white and colour, using highly specialized scanners
  • Perform continuous quality checks to ensure all files (paper and scanned) are in order
  • Securely destruct paper files (certificate provided) or deliver the documents back to you
  • Ensure that all scanned files and metadata are ready for import into your DMS, HIS, ERP, etc.
  • Route scanned documents to the correct members of your staff, if necessary