iGuana iDM Modules

All iGuana iDM solutions are based on one standard iGuana iDM software platform that can be fully customized via configuration. iGuana iDM Suite is a full-blown, completely web-based, fully configurable electronic document management and archiving system (otherwise referred to as ECM). Its modular structure and intuitive user interface allow businesses of all sizes and across multiple market segments to digitize (scan), structure and efficiently manage a full range of corporate documents. An overview of iGuana iDM modules is provided below.


iDesk is the iGuana iDM user interface. The iDesk high-performance web client allows users to search, view, retrieve, scan and archive documents.


iCapture is designed for high-volume scanning. Documents can be scanned in batches and indexed, either manually or automatically via iForm.


iManage provides administrator-level access for system administrators to configure and manage the iGuana iDM platform.


iMonitor is a dashboard that provides statistics and reporting on system performance and activity. The iMonitor dashboard is user-customizable.


Use the iSearch app for iPhone or iPad to access iGuana iDM from anywhere, anytime, securely. Carry all your documents in your pocket. Just Google it.


iForm is a form recognition and data extraction engine. It uses OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition and is an add-on to iCapture.


iFlow is the workflow engine of iGuana iDM. iFlow allows complex workflows to be created in the system based on triggers and user actions.


Use iOffice to archive electronic MS Office documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. and Outlook e-mails in iGuana iDM.


iProcess is the high-performance core engine of iGuana iDM responsible for all system functions, processes and tasks.


iStore incorporates sophisticated PGP encryption technology and is responsible for revision-proof document archiving in iGuana iDM.


iContent is a full text database that allows users to retrieve documents in iGuana iDM using powerful full text search.


iSDK module provides powerful web services to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.


iFile is a record management module that stores information about the location of physical paper documents on- or off- customer site.


iCare monitors system health and automatically communicates with the iGuana iDM support team to resolve issues.