iGuana iDM Suite

Many companies are faced with a common issue – unstructured documents in paper or electronic format are often managed from a variety of locations across departments. This makes it very difficult for organizations to gain access to and ensure completeness of mission critical business information. On average, 80% of corporate documents are plagued by this issue, costing businesses substantial losses in efficiency and profitability.

Capture, Distribute, Manage, Archive, Retrieve

With the iGuana iDM Enterprise Content Management software you can automate and digitize a full range of enterprise information and facilitate long-term archiving of corporate documents. With iGuana iDM you will be able to easily convert paper documents into electronic format (scanning), distribute, manage and archive them securely in a structured manner. You will also be able to optimize the way you manage already existing electronic documents, such as PDF and MS Office documents, e-mail and more. The iGuana iDM platform is capable of processing up to 1 million documents per day and supports an unlimited number of users.

In addition, iGuana iDM is designed to integrate with your existing systems, such as your HIS, LIS, ERP, CRM, HRM or HCM and others, to allow for enterprise-wide and seamless access to electronic documents. You will be able to retrieve any document within seconds and significantly improve employee productivity.

Unleash the Power of iGuana

The iGuana iDM suite has been designed with scalability in mind. The system can be easily scaled to accommodate your existing and future requirements. iGuana iDM’s high performance core (iProcess) can handle up to 1 million documents per day and an unlimited number of users. The system’s high availability, multi-tenant and distributed architecture guarantee zero downtime and smooth performance.

Secure Enterprise Content Management

Legal and contractual compliance is automatically maintained, whether the specific requirements involve revision-proof archiving, protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access, compliance with retention policies, or controlled destruction of data according to privacy rules. Encryption of documents, integration of electronic signatures, plus access and change logs provide extra levels of security and prevent manipulation.

Download iGuana iDM Brochure here.
Download iGuana iDM Compliance & Security Brochure here.


  • Fast ROI and low TCO
  • Fast time to market
  • Turnkey solution
  • 100% web based
  • No client installation
  • No maintenance
  • Zero user training
  • One enterprise repository
  • On-premise or cloud
  • Powerful integration
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Extended security


iGuana iDM Modules

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iGuana iDM Features

We firmly believe that users should be able to utilize the system to its full potential without requiring any prior training or specialized knowledge, in an intuitive and self-evident way.
Users can search for documents using pre-defined criteria as well very powerful full text search. Google it!
After users complete a search for a particular document, the system will automatically display a list of all related documents.
Live and dynamic reports and statistics can be generated by querying the iGuana iDM database. Your organization has full control over the content and design of these reports.
Depending on your needs, system functionality can be easily customized without requiring any programming skills.
The system recognizes user language preferences and adjusts the interface to the user selected language.
When documents are scanned, iGuana iDM performs a powerful OCR on the document image. This allows users to index the document by simply pointing to words contained in it.
Users can annotate documents for example, put a stamp, post-it, highlight a word, etc.
The iSearch v1.0 app is available for download from the App Store. Users can view their documents from anywhere, anytime and securely. Carry all your documents in your pocket.
We use sophisticated PGP encryption technology.
The iGuana iDM iSDK module provides powerful web services to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.
The iGuana iDM iProcess module, which is the core of the system, can be installed on multiple servers and clusters to substantially enhance performance and ensure zero downtime.
iGuana iDM allows scanning and indexing via your web browser.
iGuana iDM embedded the FineReader engine from ABBYY to allow highly accurate multi-language form recognition and data capturing via OCR, ICR, OMR and barcode recognition.
iGuana iDM can run on both databases.
The iGuana iDM MS Office plugin allows MS Office documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook e-mails to be archived directly into iGuana iDM.
Powerful Microsoft Exchange integration allows bulk e-mail indexing and archiving.
Dual stream technology allows you to scan a colour document and have the scanner deliver a colour image and a black image simultaneously. Both types of images are stored in iGuana iDM and, depending on the best readability, the optimal image is automatically selected for the user to view. Users have the flexibility to toggle between both images.
iGuana iDM not only allows archiving of PDF/A documents but can also generate a PDF/A document from any file format.
iGuana iDM provides multi-tier security, such as group level, user level, field level and document level security.
iGuana iDM provides a revision-proof solution, where document versions are archived separately.
The system generates many important statistics, such as productivity statistics, user access statistics, document volume statistics, and much more.
Users can pre-register documents in the system and search for them prior to scanning.
The iGuana iDM iSDK module provides powerful web services to ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.
iGuana iDM incorporates the HL7 protocol standards, providing a comprehensive framework and related standards for the exchange, integration, sharing and retrieval of electronic health information.
iGuana iDM incorporates DICOM standards for handling, storing and transmitting medical imaging information. DICOM medical image files can be exchanged between iGuana iDM and your PACS system.
iGuana iDM provides a transparent link between SharePoint document structures and legally compliant storage in iGuana iDM. Users can access their documents directly from the SharePoint interface.
The iGuana iDM workflow engine allows for complex workflows that mirror your business processes to be created and adjusted according to your business needs.
iGuana iDM can archive all kinds of digital media files, such as movies, music, videos, etc.
iGuana iDM tracks all user activities, such as viewing, printing, e-mailing, etc., down to field level.
iGuana iDM is available through Microsoft Azure cloud platform as a SaaS solution.

iGuana iDM Software Assurance

iGuana iDM Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance and support offering that ensures you get the most out of your investment into the iGuana iDM Software Solutions. The benefits include latest software releases, updates, fixes, technical support services, and more.

Download Software Assurance Brochure here.