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Welcome to our Team page. At iGuana we believe that business is first and foremost about people, not about products and services that a company offers. We think it is important that whenever you pick up the phone to talk to us, send us an e-mail, or meet with us in person for the first time, you know right away whom you are talking to and are able to put a face to a name. Any one of us is readily available to assist you!

Stephane Horta
CEO, iGuana
+32 2 70 90 100

Born in Belgium in 1965, Stephane Horta is an executive with a difference. What distinguishes him is his all-round, in-depth understanding of the field and industry he operates in. He recognizes the importance of knowing – in detail – what goes on at the front line today, in order to be able to develop a vision for tomorrow.

He is both a thinker and doer, in that order. His invaluable contribution to the company is ultimately based on his insatiable desire to adopt the latest in technology and stretch its boundaries to the maximum, for the benefit of the users. Above all, Stephane is uncompromising when it comes to his customers’ experience. Whatever happens, he will make sure that he and his team, as a whole, will always deliver solutions.

Stephane believes that it is extremely important that all of iGuana’s valued clients, prospective customers and partners are able to contact him directly. Stephane will ensure that he responds to you personally and as soon as he is able.

If you do not have his direct contact details, you are welcome to contact any member of our team and we will do out best to get you in touch with Stephane.

We invite you to get better acquainted with Stephane by reading an interview with him conducted by the Belgian Healthcare Executive magazine which describes his approach to business, people and our company culture.

Sales & Customer Account Management

Ilse Lismont
Sales Account Manager
+32 486 137 247
Jean-Luc Cremens
Sales Account Manager
+32 486 137 232
Willy De Koster
Sales Account Manager
+32 486 137 240
Fen Thijssen
Sales Account Manager
+31 6 82 76 34 69
Patrick Teirlinckx
Sales Account Manager
+32 497 703 600
Christian Coolen
Sales Account Manager
+32 491 614 925

Departmental Contacts

Stijn Buys
Customer Service & Support
+32 2 70 90 102
Wim Vanoeveren
Project Management & Consulting
+32 486 137 243
Dionysios Dionysiou
Software Development
+357 22 11 94 76
Shqiponja Bendo
+32 2 70 90 114
Daria Mavrenkova
Privacy & Security; Marketing
+32 471 136 468
Frans Aerts
Finance & Accounting
+32 475 520 044
Leen Vandendriessche
Reception & Administration
+32 2 70 90 100

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