Store2Scan is an alternative to conventional off-site document storage, where you have to incur recurring fees for storage of your archive and subsequent document retrieval. Our purpose is not to store your documents and deliver physical files to you whenever you need them. Our main goal is to pick up your documents, scan them and help you get rid of paper and all the associated costs once and for all.

In our experience, simply moving your archive from one physical location to another off-site, even if it allows you to re-purpose your existing archive space, is usually financially and operationally viable only in the short term. In the long term, as long as you have physical storage somewhere, it will continue to appear as a recurring expense on your balance sheet. Store2Scan can help you mitigate these costs in the long run.

With Store2Scan you pay for scanned documents, not for storage; and your payments are spread over the course of the long-term scanning project. At the end, your entire archive is digital. That’s the bottom line.

Store2Scan Service

iGuana can empty your entire archive, store it at its secure storage facility, inventory your documents and gradually scan and index all of them (including on-demand and urgent requests). We then deliver the files to you in digital format. At the same time, we securely destroy all the documents that were already scanned.

With decades of experience in scanning and indexing huge volumes of documents and in managing large-scale document scanning projects, iGuana offers an easy and cost-effective solution. Store2Scan will save you time, money, effort and help you focus on your core business, not on archive maintenance. Store2Scan is offered through iGuana ScanFactory, our document scanning facility.

Key Advantages of Store2Scan

  • Your archive is emptied a.s.a.p.; space can be re-purposed and your operating costs are reduced
  • iGuana conducts a full inventory of your paper archive and all documents are carefully registered
  • You pay for scanned documents, not for physical storage of your paper archive
  • Your payments are spread over the duration of the scanning project
  • Scanning can be done on-demand i.e. from your perspective, you are fully digital on Day 1
  • You have full control over your digital archive – there are no recurring document retrieval costs
  • Your digital archive is fully compliant with regulations, privacy and document retention rules


  • Freed-up storage space
  • Pay to scan, not to store
  • Payments spread over time
  • No recurring retrieval fees
  • Files scanned on demand
  • You are digital on Day 1
  • No software, no hardware
  • No maintenance
  • No errors, no hassle

Store2Scan Video

Download Store2Scan Brochure here.

Services Provided

You can rely on our professional and trained staff to take care of your entire paper archive. We can do the following for you:

  • Perform a complete inventory of your archive and put it in uniquely numbered archive boxes
  • Pick up your documents using dedicated ScanFactory transport vehicles and deliver to our secure facility
  • Classify and separate individual box contents and generate a unique barcode for each file
  • Scan all documents (front and rear) in black & white and colour, using highly specialized scanners
  • Perform continuous quality checks to ensure all files (paper and scanned) are in order
  • Securely destruct paper files and provide you with a destruction certificate, your assurance that you no longer have to worry about physical files
  • Ensure that all scanned files and metadata are ready for import into your DMS, HIS, ERP, HRM/HCM, etc.
  • Route scanned documents to the correct members of your staff, if necessary