iGuana iDM Partner Programme

We believe in global strategic alliances and strong partnerships to provide robust solutions to customers worldwide. We work in close cooperation with Value Added Resellers (VAR’s), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and Systems Integrators. Our network of channel partners has been established to support the diverse needs of customers across regions and market segments. Become part of our rapidly expanding network and discover a wide range of opportunities for your company. In this era of Digital Transformation and Big Data, virtually every business needs a solution for electronic document management and digital archiving. Shape the future with us!

By incorporating iGuana iDM into your solutions portfolio, you can deliver a truly powerful DMS to help your customers eliminate their dependency on paper and significantly improve their business processes and workflows. With iGuana iDM solutions you can provide substantial added value to your customers and generate significant additional revenues.

Unleash the Power of iGuana iDM

Unlike many complex DMS systems that are difficult to implement and use, iGuana iDM combines powerful turnkey functionality with the simplest user interface you can imagine. Ergonomically designed using the Microsoft Windows interface metaphor, the system looks and feels familiar the moment a user logs in. iGuana iDM can be implemented in weeks (sometimes days), not months or years. If you have customers who think a typical DMS  is too complex, too expensive or too cumbersome to implement, iGuana iDM is the right fit for you. It is not your typical DMS. It’s user friendly, it’s affordable, it’s easy to implement and it simply works.

iGuana iDM is iGuana’s own, proprietary software. It was developed exclusively in-house by our fully dedicated software development team of Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs). Our R&D team uses the Agile Software Development Framework, Scrum methodologies and the latest state-of-the-art technologies.

iGuana iDM is modular in structure, fully customizable via configuration, can accommodate an unlimited number of users and process up to 1 million documents per day. It can seamlessly integrate with virtually any business application (e.g. ERP, CRM, HRM/HCM, etc. ). It is Microsoft Azure certified and can be implemented as a SaaS solution or run on premise. It is suitable for enterprise-level organizations and SMBs alike, irrespective of industry. Last but not least, it is always up to date with emerging requirements, changes in market conditions and technological advances.

Our Commitment

We are committed to your success and will provide all the resources and tools you need to develop expertise in the iGuana iDM market leading solutions. We will help you exploit the full potential of existing and emerging markets. By joining the iGuana iDM partner programme and becoming our certified partner, you can leverage the iGuana brand and state-of-the-art technology to deliver competitive solutions that your customers need.

  • Interactive demos
  • Co-branded brochures
  • Joint customer case studies
  • Revenue-generating marketing campaigns
  • Product support and training
  • Positioning and pricing examples
  • Solution guides and ROI tools
  • Live webinars and remote demo assistance


Our VAR partners provide end-to-end document management and archiving solutions to their clients. VAR’s are the first and only contact for the end customer, meaning that they are responsible for managing the relationship with customers from A to Z. This includes pre-sales and marketing activities, sales consulting, implementation services, training, after-sales support and customer account management. The iGuana iDM team supports VAR’s in all these activities.


Our OEM partners embed and integrate iGuana iDM document management and archiving solutions and technology into their own offerings and position iGuana iDM in the context of their larger portfolio of technology offerings. iGuana iDM OEM partners can extend their core products while reducing development risk and cost.

Systems Integrators

Our SI partners provide consulting, project management, systems design, integration support and implementation services for document management and archiving solutions. SI partners offer iGuana iDM to their customers as part of their global solution offering.

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