The Crowley MACH 7380 HDX Microfilm Reference Archive Scanner reverses the inefficient aspects of traditional microfilm retrieval by offering real-time on-screen image views, multiple output / delivery options and work saving, user friendly functionality. The MACH 7380 HDX microfilm scanner is designed to elevate retrieval systems into the modern era with fast-paced technology, low-maintenance costs, and less consumable parts when compared with aging microfilm scanners / blip film scanners.

Fast & Efficient Retrieval from Microfilm Reference Archives

A microfilm reference archive provides trustworthy copies of records to validate transactions, satisfy litigation or meet regulatory and audit requirements. With the MACH 7380 HDX microfilm scanner that fits on your desktop, images from reference microfilm (also known as image marker or blip microfilm) are retrieved quickly and displayed digitally for identification. Output options include printing, e-mailing or saving to USB or network. The MACH 7380 HDX reference archive scanner produces exceptionally high-quality images that are deskewed, cropped, merged (duplexed) and displayed in seconds. With the MACH 7380 HDX microfilm scanner, you can blend microfilm’s proven stability with the efficiency of digital technology – the best of both worlds.

Specifications Description
Output Resolution 100 – 600 dpi
Film Types 16 mm blipped and un-blipped film; 16 mm ANSI cartridge positive negative; silver / vesicular / diazo; simplex / duplex; COM; portrait (cine); landscape (comic); multi-level (1,2,3) blipped films
Spool Size 30 m / 100’; 66 m / 215’
Bitonal File Format BMP; PNG; TIFF (G3 or G4, single or multi-page); GIF; PDF (single or multi-page)
Grayscale File Format JPEG; BMP; PNG; GIF; TIFF (single or multi-page); PDF (single or multi-page)
Image Sensor 18 megapixel ultra-high resolution active pixel sensor array with real-time on-screen view
Imaging Auto white balance; auto cropping; auto framing; auto deskew
Rewind Speed Less than 10 seconds for 30 m / 100’ microfilm
Film Handling Automatic film loading (C-clip included)


Download the complete Crowley MACH 7380 HDX Microfilm Reference Archive Scanner Specifications here.


Crowley MACH 7380 HDX Microfilm Reference Archive Scanner Video

Key MACH 7380 HDX Features

  • 18 MP active pixel sensor array
  • Compact, space saving design; easy-to-use interface
  • Fast and accurate digital image retrieval from 16 mm blip film
  • Real-time image control: operators can adjust image contrast and brightness during scanning, saving time and avoiding costly re-scans
  • Optional Batch Scan mode: scan, save and/or print documents within a specified image address range
  • Digital scrolling mode: enables operators to perform manual searches from a PC
  • Electronic zoom controls: focus in on any part of a document – even as it is moving – to make finding key information more efficient than ever


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