Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is a manual, market-leading book scanner engineered to deliver outstanding image quality, excellent productivity, speed and ease of handling. Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is designed for individual work: one operator, one book. Operator has full control over the scanner’s 100 degree V-shaped book cradle, the position of the glass plate and scanning speed. Narrow opening angle and adjustable side flaps prevent book bindings from overextension and provide vital support for the book spine. Qidenus Smart Book Scanner features latest cameras and lenses, achieving compliance with the FADGI and Metamorfoze preservation standards.

Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is available in A2 & A1 sizes, scans virtually all types of books, offers scan speeds of up to 1.000 pages / hour, handles originals of up to 160 mm thick, utilizes the latest high-end CMOS sensors, and produces archival-grade images. This unique book scanner by Qidenus Technologies (an iGuana company) is an outstanding book scanning station – easy to use, portable, affordable and comes with no limitations on book texture, quality or weight.

Specifications Description
Operating Modes & Scan Speed Manual (soft)
1.000 pages / hour
Book Cradle 100° opening angle
Smooth side flaps
Book spine support
Glass plate V-shaped glass plate
Aluminum light weight frame
Hardened / double coated / 3 mm thick glass
Customizable (glass, acryl, easy mount)
Lighting System Specially designed LED – museum standards
No UV / IR
Paper Weight & Quality No restrictions on texture and quality
Can scan brittle, acid, torn and single pages
CMOS Capturing System Canon D-SLR 700D, Canon D-SLR 5D Mark III, Nikon D-SLR D810, Canon 5DS / 5DS R
Compatible with all future camera developments
Optical Lens Systems Sigma 30 mm, Carl Zeiss 35 mm Distagon T, Carl Zeiss 50 mm Makro Planar, Canon / Carl Zeiss / Sigma
Compatible with all future lense developments
Additional format implementation on demand


Download the complete Qidenus Smart Book Scanner Specifications here.
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Qidenus Smart Book Scanner Video

Key Qidenus Smart Book Scanner Features

  • Affordability, ease of use, innovative design
  • Manual operating mode
  • Available in A2 and A1 sizes
  • 100-degree V-shaped book cradle
  • Scan speeds up to 1.000 pages/hour

Qidenus Technologies is an iGuana company.

QiCapture Book Scanning Software

Developed specifically for the Qidenus line of book scanners, QiCapture Software Suite is a powerful software package that incorporates image capturing, image processing, quality control and workflow management. QiCapture is designed to increase the overall digitization throughput while simultaneously increasing output quality. It provides an intelligent workflow paired with an intuitive user interface.

  • Real-time image preview via an easy-to-use user interface
  • Integrated quality control centre for scanned images / books
  • Coordination & monitoring of all resources & processes
  • Automatic batch processing; automatic & manual post-processing
  • Metadata creation & insertion
  • Fully integrated OCR engine
  • Available in different languages


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