Metis DRS 1500 DCS Middle Format Surface Scanner is designed specifically for the industrial and decor applications, such as: wood flooring, laminate flooring, interior design, furniture design, ceramic tiles, textiles, wallpaper manufacturing, etc. Metis DRS 1500 DCS scanner integrates all exclusive Metis features, including the patented Metis lighting system DC SynchroLight, and has the newest scanline with 16K resolution, high fidelity colour, low noise, and much more.

Metis DRS 1500 DCS scanner was first revealed in 2019 at Interzum, the world’s leading trade fair for furniture production & interior design and later at the international Ligna forestry & woodworking trade show. The unique Metis DRS 1500 DCS middle format scanner can generate incomparable image quality in terms of true optical resolution, sharpness, lack of aberrations and/or noise in the images, geometric accuracy, colour fidelity and consistency of performance over the whole surface / acquisition area and time duration.

Specifications Description
Max. Scan Format 150 cm x 91 cm (extend to larger size thanks to the Scan Merge tool that allows for perfect & automatic stitching of different scans / acquisitions)
Max. Thickness ~ 20 cm
Optical Resolution Up to 800 ppi (software adjustable from 200 ppi to 1600 ppi)
Image Sensor 16K CMOS, trilinear, High Dynamic Range, low noise, high colour fidelity
Image Processing 16 bit per channel (3 x 16 bit) independently from selected output format
Scan / Acquisition Modes Scan, SuperScan, Direct SuperScan, DOF+ (various combinations are also possible)
Image Save Formats Metis MDC, Standard TIFF (Color: 48 bit or 24 bit; Grayscale: 16 bit or 8 bit), JPEG and other formats are also available in normal scan mode
Auto-Focus Camera lens & table are vertically motorized and automatically adjusted by the software depending on selected resolution & original thickness
Lighting Schematics 4 light sources with variable distance
Thousands of different light schematics can be obtained through dimming & light distance setting (fully automated & software controlled)
Light Source Type High CRI LEDs (Ra Typical = 93), IR / UV free
Exclusive Software Metis Scan Director software
Metis Light Inspector software
Metis Color Profiler software
All software runs natively at 64 bit on Windows 10 64 bit Professional edition
Holding Table ~ 164 cm x 105 cm, can hold up to 100 kg, vertically motorized (software controlled), integrated pressure sensors
Metis Vacuum Table Optional
Metis Lighting Grids Kit Optional (2 grids)
Scanner Sizes ~ 235 cm width x ~185 cm depth x ~222 cm height (max)

Download the complete specifications of the Metis DRS 1500 DCS Middle Format Scanner for Industrial & Decor Applications here.
A Large Format version of the Metis DRS DCS industrial scanner is also available. For more information, click here.


Key Features of the Metis DRS 1500 DCS Surface Scanner

  • Specially designed for industrial & decor markets
  • Newest scanline with 16K resolution, high-fidelity colour & low noise
  • Exclusive, patented DC SynchroLight technology
  • Scan format: 150 x 91 cm (extendable with Scan Merge tool)
  • Optical resolution up to 800 ppi (with software, up to 1600 ppi)
  • Scans materials up to 20 cm thick, up to 100 kg with holding table
  • Sophisticated software: Scan Director, Light Inspector, Color Profiler

Exclusive Metis Software

  • Metis Scan Director Software: integrates all tools required to simply and effectively drive the scanner and always capture optimal data; it also directly integrates the Metis Light Inspector and Metis Color Profiler software, providing a very smooth workflow
  • Metis Light Inspector Software: directly integrated into the scanning software, it provides extended features, such as light & visual appearance post-processing, 3D Depth MAP generation, Glossiness MAP, Normal MAP, Automatic Stitching tools & much more
  • Metis Color Profiler Software: it perfectly & automatically handles scanner colour accuracy with many extensive tools for calibrating, profiling, converting, validating colours and ICC profiles; it provides full ICC support from scanning to visualization and from visualization to exported data

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