Nowadays companies face a common issue of corporate data overload in the form of structured data, stored in databases and generated by ERP systems such as SAP, and unstructured data, in the form of paper and electronic documents, e-mails, images, and more. Naturally, organizations, large and small, are looking for solutions to structure and manage these data in an efficient and cost-effective way, with minimum effort and minimum investment in costly IT resources. According to research, nearly 80% of corporate information is unstructured and managed in a decentralized manner, making it extremely difficult and costly to maintain.

As a SAP customer you will be looking for ways to bridge the gap between data contained in your SAP system and the unstructured, often mission critical, data originating outside of SAP, such as incoming paper invoices, delivery notes, faxes, customer e-mails, contracts, human resource (HR) files, etc. The iGuana iDM Document Management for SAP Solution can help you bridge this gap, achieve a complete, unified view of your customers, employees, suppliers, distributors, and partners, boost productivity and improve your bottom line.

Our Solution

With the iGuana iDM Document Management for SAP Solution you will be able to easily and securely capture and archive paper and electronic documents in a structured manner, integrate these documents into SAP transactions and workflows, and retrieve them directly from within the familiar SAP user interface. This means that your users benefit from enterprise-wide and seamless access to all documents related to a particular business transaction in SAP without having to leave the familiar SAP environment. As a result, your organization experiences significant increases in productivity, improvements in operational efficiency and reduction in IT and other costs.

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Optimize Business Processes

From a business process perspective, the iGuana iDM Document Management for SAP Solution can help you streamline paper-intensive, time-consuming and, hence, error-prone business processes, such as incoming invoice processing and approvals (accounts payable) or HR files management. With Document Management for SAP you will no longer miss due dates or early payment discounts, have to pay late fees or waste resources on routine administrative tasks.

Reduce IT Costs

From an IT perspective, you will be able to improve your ERP’s performance and reduce the time required to access information by offloading documents into the iGuana iDM archive. With the iGuana iDM Document Management for SAP Solution you will free up space, ERP resources and save money on administrative tasks and hardware costs. This translates into a much lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and your ROI is maximized.

Ensure Legal and Regulatory Compliance

The iGuana iDM Document Management for SAP Solution provides functionality to help you streamline operations and reduce administrative costs associated with meeting legal and compliance requirements. Legal and contractual compliance is automatically maintained, whether the specific requirements involve revision-proof archiving, protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access, compliance with retention policies, or controlled destruction of data according to privacy rules.

Document Management for SAP – Solution Components

Document Scanning

The iGuana iDM high-performance iProcess core is capable of processing up to 1 million documents per day and supports both, high-volume and desktop scanning (depending on your needs, we can provide scanners with a scanning capacity of up to 50,000 pages per day each). All paper documents are scanned directly into iGuana iDM. Depending on the number of documents that need to be scanned and your particular requirements, barcode scanning as well as powerful free form recognition and data extraction technology (OCR, ICR, OMR) may be employed.

Through integration with SAP, scanned and archived documents are automatically linked with transactional processes in SAP, such as the Accounts Payable process, and are available for viewing directly through the SAP user interface. This ensures a seamless experience for the SAP user and provides a unified view of your customer, supplier, distributor and other profiles in SAP.

Secure Archiving

iGuana iDM serves as a secure document repository for scanned paper and electronic documents. All documents in iGuana iDM are archived in a revision-proof, legally compliant format with a full audit trail readily available for review.

For paper documents, once scanning is complete, iGuana iDM thoroughly analyses the quality of indexation / classification and flags any potential errors, which can be reviewed for quality control purposes and corrected, if necessary, before the documents in question become available in SAP.

Microsoft Office and Other Electronic Documents

iGuana iDM supports archiving of electronic documents, including Microsoft Office documents (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) and multimedia files, such as images and videos, PDF/A documents, and more. iGuana iDM also provides a document rendering feature which transforms documents in formats that are no longer supported into accessible image files.

Microsoft Exchange

iGuana iDM readily integrates with MS Exchange, making it possible to archive Outlook e-mails, such as customer e-mails, in iGuana iDM and link these e-mails to relevant records in your SAP ERP system.

Seamless Retrieval within SAP User Interface

Through integration with SAP, iGuana iDM is able to provide SAP users with a document-centric business view of every customer, supplier and other data, all within a logical structure. Documents archived in iGuana iDM can originate from disparate sources (physical or electronic), non-SAP environments and legacy systems. Authorized SAP users can easily retrieve documents on demand using the familiar SAP interface, without ever needing to log into iGuana iDM.

Integration into SAP Workflow

Documents archived in iGuana iDM can be incorporated into the SAP workflow, such as the Accounts Payable process. For example, an invoice scanned and archived in iGuana iDM can, through integration with SAP, automatically trigger or become part of a relevant approval workflow in SAP. Once again, from a user perspective, the experience is seamless in that SAP users can perform their work from within the familiar SAP environment.

Leverage SAP with iGuana iDM.

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