How does your organization cope with incoming mail, especially now that most of your personnel are working from home? How do you ensure that the right people in the right departments within your organization (HR, finance, customer service, etc.) have access to daily incoming mail in a timely manner? If this is a challenge that you wish to address, iGuana has a solution for you. With the iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom solution you can create a virtual hub within your organization where all incoming business correspondence / post is processed at the moment that it arrives, is automatically distributed to the right people, and is legally archived in digital format.

A Total Solution for Mailroom Automation

The iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom Solution is a total software solution for mailroom automation designed to scan, capture & classify all kinds of incoming mail (paper and digital), distribute it to the right people within your organization and archive it in digital format in a legally compliant way. Using iGuana iDM, you can process and distribute virtually all types of incoming post, such as invoices, purchase orders, complaint letters, mortgage & loan applications, customer feedback forms, insurance claims, contracts, and all kinds of other incoming documents.

Step 1: Scanning & Capture of Incoming Mail

The iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom solution makes it possible to efficiently scan and capture incoming mail coming from any source or device, irrespective of whether it is paper or digital. For example, you can simply scan physical mail that you receive using your existing multifunctional printer or scanner. Scanned mail / letters are then automatically fed into the iGuana iDM software for processing. All incoming mail that is already in digital format i.e. e-mails that you receive are also automatically imported into iGuana iDM.

Step 2: Automatic Classification of Incoming Mail (Optional)

If you wish, you can have the iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom software automatically classify all your incoming mail. The iGuana iDM system will identify whether the incoming document represents a contract, an invoice, and application form, a tax return,  an insurance claim, etc. Because iGuana iDM software uses sophisticated classification technology, it is able to automatically classify various types of documents: structured (e.g. surveys, questionnaires, forms), semi-structured (e.g. invoices, purchase orders) and unstructured (e.g. letters, contracts, reports).

Step 3: Data Extraction from Incoming Mail (Optional)

The iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom software can automatically extract data from a variety of incoming mail, structured and unstructured, such as mortgage applications, tax returns, questionnaires, credit card applications, contracts, invoices, and many more. Data can be extracted via OCR (optical character recognition) for printed text, ICR (intelligent character recognition) for hand-written text, OMR (optical mark recognition) for a wide range of checkmarks, and barcode recognition for a variety of barcodes. Full-text extraction is also possible if you wish to make searchable PDFs available for your staff.

Step 4: Distribution & Routing of Incoming Mail

The iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom software automatically distributes / routes incoming mail to the right person within your organization based on pre-configured rules / workflow. For example, invoices are routed to your accounting staff, claims – to your claims processing staff, complaint letters – to your customer service staff, etc. The intended recipient of the mail will receive a notification alerting them to the fact that a new mail requires their attention. They will also be able to log into iGuana iDM to review their individual “to-do list” and see which mail they still need to process.

Step 5: Legal Archiving of Incoming Mail

All documents / business correspondence processed and routed by the iGuana iDM Digital Mailroom software are then automatically archived within a logical structure in iGuana iDM. iGuana iDM serves as a legally compliant digital archive for your documents. From a user’s perspective what this means is that an authorized user with proper permissions can easily and securely search for, find, view and perform other actions with regards to the incoming post processed and archived in iGuana iDM.

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