iGuana and Qidenus Technologies are pleased to introduce the further enhanced Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner. Possibly the fastest production book scanner on the market as compared to book scanners using line sensors and thanks to its automated glass plate, Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner has been further re-engineered and re-conceptualized to ensure top scan quality and top performance even in the most demanding high-volume book scanning environments. The most versatile model in the Qidenus book scanner portfolio, Qidenus Mastered is highly reliable, highly efficient and affordable. Now powered by completely re-engineered QiCapture book scanning software developed specifically for Qidenus book scanners or, alternatively, by iGuana’s full-blown, all-in-one Capture Software for Cultural Heritage & Archives, Qidenus Mastered is ready for any challenge.

Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner Highlights

  • High-speed: unmatched throughput, up to 1.500 pages / hour, archival quality
  • Modular: supports different sizes of A1, A2, A2+ & A3+ and different resolutions of 300 ppi to 600 ppi
  • Adjustable around book characteristics: side flap movement, position of glass plate, etc.
  • Semi-automatic mode: scan fast at constant speed or switch to manual for fragile originals
  • V-shaped, self-centering book cradle with gentle opening angle, improved modular glass plate design
  • Option to scan with or without automated glass plate (especially useful for delicate materials)
  • CMOS area image sensor instead of line CCDs: much faster scan speeds & better image quality
  • 2 uniquely positioned high-end cameras with latest CMOS sensors (option to scan with 1 camera)
  • Specially designed adjustable lighting system (no UV / IR) to comply with museum standards
  • Powerful capture software: cropping, clipping, splitting, stitching and much more
  • Capture software can emulate 180° scans of books in V-shape with stitching: no book curve issues, no damage to spines 
  • Rugged machine made of top-quality aluminum: reliable, low maintenance cost & production downtime, lightweight
  • Improved internal coating & facelift: less reflection, more attractive, modernized design
  • Highly compact, closed system (cover): takes ~ 50% less space, no influence from ambient light

QiCapture Software for Qidenus Book Scanners

Capture & book scanning software developed specifically for Qidenus book scanners.

Capture Software for Cultural Heritage & Archives

Full-blown, all-in-one capture & digitization platform for cultural heritage & archives that can pilot any scanner.

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