The new Qidenus Smart Book Scanner powered by iGuana is a manual, V-shaped book scanner that is fast, compact, easy to use and affordable. It is designed for individual work: one operator, one book. Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is a perfect solution for customers who are looking for an inexpensive book scanner that is efficient, reliable and simple to operate. This versatile book scanner is available in A2 & A1 sizes, different high resolutions of up to 500 ppi, can scan virtually all kinds of books, including fragile originals, produces images of archival quality and can be easily upgraded. Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is simply a smart choice.

Key Features & Benefits of Qidenus Smart Book Scanner

The new Qidenus Smart Book Scanner, powered by iGuana software, is designed to deliver outstanding image quality, excellent productivity and ease of handling at an affordable price. This book scanner is available in A2 & A1 sizes, offers true resolution of up to 500 ppi, and comes with a V-shaped book cradle & glass plate. Operators have full control over the book cradle, the position of the glass plate and scanning speed of up to 1.000 pages / hour. In addition, Qidenus Smart Book Scanner has a narrow, gentle opening angle of 100° and adjustable side flaps. This helps prevent book bindings from overextension and provides vital support for the book spine. There are virtually no limitations on the texture, quality or weight of books that can be digitized using this unique book scanner.

Last but not least, Qidenus Smart Book Scanner comes with 2 latest high-end cameras which can be easily upgraded, is made of top-quality steel (as opposed to plastic) and has a highly compact design. This book scanner is future-proof.

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