iGuana is very pleased to announce the acquisition of Qidenus Technologies, manufacturer of state-of-the-art, market-leading book scanners based in Vienna, Austria. Qidenus Robotic, Mastered, Smart & Swan book scanner series are trusted by a vast network of major distributors and customers in over 120 countries in North & South America, Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe, Russia & CIS, and the Middle East. Qidenus Technologies obtained numerous global patents that include a unique and fully automatic page turning system – the Bionic Finger. iGuana is a leading provider of document management software (DMS), production-scale and specialized scanning & digitization services, and a leading distributor of professional scanners in Benelux, Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS, and Southeast Asia.

Acquisition of Qidenus Technologies constitutes a much anticipated and logical step in iGuana’s growth and development strategy. iGuana’s service & solution portfolio covers virtually every aspect of digitization, including book scanning services and digitization of cultural heritage collections. Acquisition of Qidenus Technologies allows iGuana to add hardware manufacturing capabilities and a top-tier scanner product line to its expanding portfolio, extend its international presence, offer the latest innovations in book scanning technology and provide a wider range of specialized products & services to its customers and partners.

“We are really happy that Qidenus Technologies is now part of the growing iGuana family,” says Herwig Eelen, President of iGuana. “As former distributor of Qidenus book scanners for many years, we trust and respect the Qidenus brand. Qidenus Technologies owes its success to a strong team of specialists in manufacturing, product design & development, marketing & sales that were able to establish a globally recognized Qidenus brand in just over a decade. This is no small achievement. We are planning to fuel this passion for technology and spirit of innovation by investing in Qidenus manufacturing facilities and cutting-edge R&D.”

What This Acquisition Means for Our Customers & Partners

Qidenus Technologies will continue to operate under its current name and brand under the leadership of Herwig Eelen, President of iGuana and newly appointed CEO of Qidenus Technologies. Qidenus Technologies earned an excellent reputation among distributors and customers since its inception in 2004. iGuana plans to maintain this solid industry reputation by further investing in and supporting the Qidenus brand and state-of-the-art technology. All our valued customers and partners will benefit from a wider selection of premier products, solutions & services, advances in digitization technology, leading-edge R&D and extended customer and channel partner support.

  • Qidenus Robotic Series
    Qidenus Robotic Book Scan is a fully automated scanning machine designed for large scale book digitization and 24/7 operation.
    Market-leading since 2010, automatic page turning system & Bionic Finger, worldwide patent.
  • Qidenus Mastered Series
    Qidenus Mastered Book Scan is the most efficient semi-automatic book scanning system on the market.
    V-shape technology, latest CMOS sensors, unrivalled scan rate.
  • Qidenus Smart Series
    Qidenus Smart Book Scan features a manual system that inherently outperforms conventional flatbed scanners.
    Intelligent V-shaped scanner, CMOS high-end capture, easy operation.
  • Qidenus Swan Series
    Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scan is a versatile office scanner that offers high-speed scanning & accommodates a variety of material.
    Instant image capture, no training, plug-and-play system.
  • Qidenus QiDrive Software
    Qidenus QiDrive Software Suite is an extensive software package designed to speed up every part of the digitization process.
    Automated processing, data conversion, OCR, workflow management & quality control.

    Acquisition of Qidenus Technologies represents a long-term opportunity for iGuana to invest in the future of digitization technology. We consider Qidenus Technologies a great addition to the iGuana family and are excited to be working together with such a dedicated and committed team.

    Join us in celebrating this new and exciting chapter in the story of our company!

Herwig Eelen
Herwig EelenCEO, Qidenus Technologies
Herwig Eelen, President of iGuana and the new CEO of Qidenus Technologies, brings decades of executive leadership experience in hardware sales, distribution & channel partner management.