Metis DRS 2000 DCS large format scanner is specifically designed for the most demanding applications, such as Fine Art & Decor reproduction and Professional Digital Cartography. Metis DRS 2000 DCS scanner is the largest model in the Metis DRS DCS family of cultural heritage scanners with a scanning format of up to 200 cm x 120 cm and variable optical resolution adjustable up to 2000 ppi.

Metis DRS 2000 DCS introduces exclusive features which have no equivalent in any other system available on the market, such as the innovative DC SynchroLight lighting system (Dynamically Controlled Synchronized Light), which allows dynamic control of the light in the scanning area. DC SynchroLight is a patent protected Metis technology which gives the ability to control and change dynamically, instantly and automatically the angle & intensity of the light emitted by the light sources in the scanning area, making it possible to optimize the result of digitization, depending on the type and nature of the originals. In addition to DC SynchroLight, Metis has also designed a proprietary software tool that allows to calculate 3D data and post-scan light variations for real-time light changes, without the need to re-scan the original; post-scan light changes enable to select the best light schematic in a matter of seconds, providing unique results unreachable by any other system.

Metis DRS 2000 DCS System for Fine Art & Decor

Metis DRS 2000 DCS scanner is particularly suitable for high quality digitization & reproduction in the Fine Art and Decor markets. This is possible thanks to different technical solutions especially designed by Metis for this system (that has no equivalents in the market) such as the DC SynchroLight lighting system and the Light Inspector Software. In fact, the DC SynchroLight lighting system (patent protected technology) allows to obtain thousands of different light schematics providing a high capacity of image enhancement & quality optimization. The combination of the Light Inspector Software and DC SynchroLight lighting also allows to scan 3D information and store the depth map of the original together with the colour information. The 3D information can be used individually (for example when scanning a painting in order to extrapolate the brush signs from the colour information), or combined with the colour image to obtain outstanding results. Moreover, the Light Inspector Software also allows to store all the different light schematics in the same image file with the possibility to vary the light in real time, directly by software, and without the need to re-scan the original.

Metis DRS 2000 DCS System for Professional Cartography

Metis DRS 2000 DCS scanner is suitable for digitization of modern and historical cartography. The Metis DRS 2000 DCS system is the only system in the world able to guarantee very high geometric accuracy, which is fundamental for the digitization in professional cartographic applications. In fact, in professional cartography, faithful digitization of the original is essential, as the mutual distances between two points represent specific distance information which must be safeguarded and reproduced with as much precision as possible. Metis DRS 2000 DCS scanner, thanks to the particular opto-mechanical design and to unique solutions introduced by Metis, is able to provide images with practically perfect geometry (error measured in all directions and not only horizontally). This result is about 10 times better than what is today obtainable by any other professional scanner on the market.

Additional benefits of the Metis DRS 2000 DCS scanner include:

  • No glass is needed in order to flatten the originals
  • Digital camera integrated into the Metis DRS 2000 DCS system that is vertically motorized, making it possible to achieve optical resolution of 1000 ppi (and up to 2000 ppi x 1000 ppi)
  • High scanning speed and operativity; high grade precision / reliable mechanics & optics; perfect geometrical accuracy & high depth of field
  • Sophisticated software specifically designed for Fine Art, Decor & Professional Cartography applications with special features, such as Light Inspector tool, which allow to test thousands of different light schematics in real time
  • Special 3D calculation, gravure scanning mode & filters allow to highly enhance the original texture / material, generate a dense & accurate Depth MAP
  • Metis DCS-RAW format allows changing of light schematics when required without the need to re-scan the original
  • Excellent choice for cultural heritage applications where the highest possible image quality and compliance with FADGI & Metamorfoze standards are required
Specifications Description
Max. Scan Format 200 cm x 120 cm
Max. Thickness 20 cm
Variable Optical Resolution  300 ppi to 1000 ppi (300 ppi = 200 cm x 120 cm, 1000 ppi = 200 cm x 36 cm); adjustable from 100 ppi to 2000 ppi
Depth of Field Very large and user selectable
Image Processing 16 bit per channel (3 x 16 bit)
Lighting DC SynchroLight system, LED based, IR / UV free, active only during the scanning process & provides for thousands of different light schematics
Fine Art Scan Mode 3D image, post-scan light changes
Focusing Motorized and adjustable by software control
Holding Table 250 cm x 140 cm
Metis Vacuum Table Optional

Download the complete specifications of the Metis DRS 2000 DCS Large Format Scanner for Fine Art, Decor, Professional Cartography & Cultural Heritage here.


Metis DRS 2000 DCS Scanner for Fine Art, Decor, Professional Cartography & Cultural Heritage

Key Features of the Metis DRS 2000 DCS Cultural Heritage Scanner

  • Specially designed for fine art, decor, cartography & cultural heritage
  • Integrates natural colour capturing, 3D data calculation, glossiness
  • Exclusive, patented DC SynchroLight technology
  • Scan format: up to 200 x 120 cm, up to 20 cm thickness
  • Optical resolution up to 1000 ppi (with software, up to 2000 ppi)
  • Sophisticated software

Metis Scanning Technology: Natural Results

Watch this video which highlights the natural results that can be achieved through Metis patented lighting technology (DC SynchroLight) & sophisticated software, and the level of detail while scanning various types of originals requiring high fidelity and natural visual appearance.

Metis Scan Director Software

Metis Scan Director software is ready for the future. It is able to handle new scanning concepts & unique scanning features, such as the Metis patented dynamic lighting control, Metis SuperScan, light gradient, light gradient mixing with colour information, Metis 3D Depth MAP generation & Glossiness MAP.

In addition, Metis Scan Director software supports the latest OS (W10) with a full 64 bit architecture and fully exploits the latest CPU by making extensive use of multi-tasking and multi-threading processing, is capable of completing the most demanding image processing tasks almost in real time and can handle GBs of data in a matter of seconds.

  • Designed specifically for the industrial & decor market and for handling very large files
  • Native 64 bit software and processing
  • 16 bit per channel (3 x 16 bit) image processing
  • Customizable user profiles for workflow optimization and system settings retrieval
  • Fast preview for real-time adjustments
  • Automatic lighting calibration and gray balance tools; full ICC colour profiling support
  • Colour / density tools: exposure, contrast, highlight, shadows, gamma, automatic adjustments, black & white points, histograms & point analysis, ICC colour profiles, paper colour correction, etc.
  • Unsharp masking, despeckle, deskew, gravure filters, 3D texture, etc.
  • Full resolution image view immediately after the scan with History window, LOG file, etc.
  • Light Inspector tools allow for real-time light schematic variations and evaluation
  • Ability to save in METIS DCS-RAW format for image post-processing (includes light variations & 3D)
  • User customizable macro tools for automatic file labelling

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