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iGuana iDM – Document Management Solutions

Our electronic document management solutions help organizations capture, distribute, manage and archive a full range of documents in a secure, highly structured and legally compliant manner. Digital documents can be integrated into any IT system or application, are easily searchable and can be retrieved within seconds via a seamless user interface. Need help streamlining your invoice processing and approval process? Managing your human resource files more efficiently? Adopting structured contract management procedures? Creating electronic medical records? Or simply getting your documents organized so you can easily find them? Whichever need you have, we have a solution for you. For your industry, for your company size and for your department.

Unlimited Possibilities

All our document management solutions are based on the iGuana iDM software suite – a proprietary technology developed entirely in-house by the iGuana software development team. iGuana iDM is delivered to you as one platform incorporating a full set of features. It is fully customizable via configuration (i.e. no programming is required) and can be easily scaled to accommodate your individual short-term and long-term needs. You can take advantage of full-blown functionality irrespective of your industry or business size.

iGuana iDM can accommodate an unlimited number of named or concurrent users. If you are an SMB with a small number of users or a large enterprise with thousands of users, you will have access to the entire spectrum of iGuana iDM features and functionality. You have the flexibility to use iGuana iDM to automate a particular set of processes, such as accounts payable, or use it as an enterprise-wide document management and digital archiving solution.

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