The all-in-one planetary ElarSCAN A2 book scanner is a professional contactless scanner and a unique desktop device for convenient digitizing of difficult documents and objects. It is used by libraries, archives, museums, universities, local governments, municipalities and other organizations to scan books, newspapers, bound files, drawings, medals, coins, samples of fabrics, artifacts, etc. Whether to produce digital copies, to digitize archival collections, or to serve as a self-service (walk-up) kiosk for students or patrons, the fast and friendly ElarSCAN A2 book scanner can do it all. ElarSCAN A2 planetary scanner offers the best price for features and performance on the market, comes with an embedded professional software and is widely recognized as an affordable, professional and user-friendly machine. Below are just a few examples of how ElarSCAN book scanners are used by various organizations to scan and digitize all kinds of documents, records and objects.

Planetary Book Scanner for Libraries & Universities

Universities use ElarSCAN book scanners to digitise text, doctorate and reference books, providing content for e-learning courses, replacing copiers and helping advance paperless education. University, public, municipal and other libraries digitize journal articles and book chapters on request by researchers and readers. ElarSCAN planetary scanners are also used for self-scanning by students and visitors. Self-scanning, otherwise known as walk-up library scanning, is primarily used for digitizing periodicals and scientific articles.

Planetary Book Scanner for Public & Municipal Services

Municipalities and local governments use ElarSCAN book scanners to digitise record books, utility maps and journals for easy access online. One of the most important ElarSCAN applications is to scan paper registers and personal act books at public offices. Digitization of real estate files, archives of land property acts, which include hard-to-handle large format plans, drawings and maps, are other key applications of contactless planetary scanners.

Planetary Book Scanner for Archives & Museums

Digitization of archive catalogues of state archives, municipal archives, special and research archives is one of the key tasks for ElarSCAN contactless planetary scanners. Museums use them to digitize books and to create digital collections of small and mid-size museum items which are normally very difficult to scan e.g. coins, medals, cutlery, etc. ElarSCAN book scanner allows for fast single-shot digitizing (insensitive to slow movement of an object being scanned) and utilizes a macroscan feature to enlarge small items with a press of one button. Special manuscript models with extra large motorized cradles can scan extra thick volumes, such as parish and census registers which are half a metre thick or even thicker.

Specifications Description
Scanner Type Planetary tabletop / desktop scanner
Max. Scan Area DIN А2+ (625 mm x 420 mm)
Optical Resolution DIN A2 — 300 dpi; A3 — 400 dpi; A4 — 550 dpi; A5+ (244mm x 165mm) — 600dpi
Scan Speed (Full Format) 0.5 seconds (scan-only); less than 4.0 seconds per full scan-save cycle – continuous scanning
Control & Image Processing Embedded production “ELAR ScanImage” batch scan / processing software
Book Cradle Integrated universal flat and V-shape (180°, 120° and 90°) cradle for originals up to 10 kg weight
Output Image Formats Single page: JPEG, BMP, GIF. Single- and multi-page: PDF, PDF/A, TIFF. Compression: LZW, CCITT G4, JPEG. Searchable PDF for 49 languages including Dutch, French, English and German.
Standard Package Standard delivery set of ElarSCAN A2 contains everything needed to plug it in and start to scan, including: fully equipped main scanner unit with a universal cradle and pre-installed licensed software, control / live preview monitor 24″, foot-switch for hands-free scan start and power cable
Options Manual flattening glass for V-shape 120° scanning, with tabletop stand
Touch-screen monitor 19″ for walk-up / self-service scanner use
Dust-proof cover with zippered front, which can also be used as shadowing shield for scanning in bright environments
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ElarSCAN A2 Planetary Book Scanner Video

Why ElarSCAN Book Scanner?

  • The only professional planetary book scanner on the market made by a specialized document digitization company with in-depth scanning experience
  • Dream scanner drawing on 20+ years of expertise in production scanning of heritage books, archive folders, newspapers, museum artifacts, etc.
  • Simple and user-friendly: so simple that it can be used as a self-scanning / walk-up kiosk by visitors to libraries, universities and public service centres
  • All-in-one and ready to use: no specialized skills or computer needed, integrated control / image processing software included
  • Affordable price: low-investment scanner that offers great value for money without compromising quality; no third-party proprietary HW or SW used

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