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Customer Success Stories

Explore how our valued customers leverage iGuana’s electronic document management solutions, scanning services and cutting-edge iGuana iDM technology. How they transform their business, innovate and embrace a multitude of exciting opportunities brought about by the digital era. Our customers are the reason why we do what we do. They are first and foremost our partners whom we guide, accompany and support on their digital transformation journey. Their success is what drives our innovation efforts and fuels our team’s energy and passion for their work.

iGuana Digitizes Documents for the City of Brussels

iGuana was very excited and honourned to be given the opportunity to take part in the City of Brussels digitization efforts. More specifically, iGuana's scanning and digitization services division was tasked with digitizing driver's licenses and rela [...]

MCL: 11 Kilometres of Archives Digitised

Over a period of nine months, MCL hospital will be scanning 15 years of medical history. It is almost a military operation. 25.000.000 sheets of paper, with the staples and paper clips removed by hand, will soon be flying through the ‘scanning tunnel [...]

AMC to Go Live with Medical Viewer Integrated with Epic

AMC (Academisch Medisch Centrum), located in the Netherlands, is among the top university medical centres in the world. With nearly 10.500 staff members and 26.000 people present on campus every day, AMC is known for excellent patient care, cutting-e [...]

Document Scanning Made Easy for Audi

Audi manufacturing plant in Brussels, whose production capacity exceeds 500 cars per day, was looking for an effective solution to manage quality control documentation, including car passports and other documents relating to different stages of the c [...]

Hellenic Bank – Corporate Enterprise Content Management

Hellenic Bank chooses iGuana iDM as their corporate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. The go-ahead was given by Mr Tryfon Christodoulou, Hellenic Bank’s Manager of Special Projects. And a special project it was. “Our role as the Special P [...]

UZ Gent Digitizes Their HR Files

UZ Gent hospital chooses iGuana iDM to digitize and manage their human resource files. Five years ago, UZ Gent, one of the largest and most reputable hospitals in Belgium, launched an ambitious project aiming to digitize the hospital's medical record [...]

What Our Customers Say

“What seemed to us to be a Sisyphean task was finished correctly and very quickly by iGuana. The high resolution images of Jan Hoet’s notebooks allow us to digitally disclose or reproduce them without damaging the originals.”

Rik Vannevel, Head of Communications & Social Media, Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens

“What is very important for us is that behind the very simple and clean user interface there is a really powerful, intelligent system that we can do a lot with.”

Bjorn Devuyst, Chief Archivist, AZ Delta

“It is not often (not to say never) that a project is deployed within a month… Everyone loves it.”

Tryfon Christodoulou, Manager Special Projects, Hellenic Bank Group

“…we only scan files of those patients that have an upcoming appointment. The result is that our doctors don’t use paper anymore and we do not lose documents.”

Mark Hoogeveen, Cluster Manager (ICT), AMC

“iGuana offers a complete, fully web-based document management solution … able to provide a global view of the hospital.”

Jean-Philippe Rottiers, Head Analysis & Development, Hôpital Psychiatrique du Beau Vallon

“It is almost a military operation… Imagine a specialist suddenly needs a specific file that is being processed at that point. A phone call is made to Belgium, and within a quarter of an hour, we will have the digital version.”

René Delleman, Director Information & Administration, MCL