Summa, a world-renowned manufacturer of superior vinyl cutters, professional flatbed systems and advanced laser cutters, uses the iGuana iDM digital archiving & document management system (DMS) to simplify and streamline its vendor invoice processing and approval procedures. Key elements of the software solution for accounts payable (AP) supplied by iGuana include matching of incoming invoices, purchase orders (POs) and delivery notes / goods receipts, and use of a multi-step approval workflow incorporating digital signatures.

Summa is recognized for its high-quality vinyl cutters, finishing flatbeds and laser cutters which provide companies in printing, sign-making, textile, industrial and packaging industries with the most innovative cutting solutions. Summa is a valued customer of iGuana for almost a decade. Over the years, the company has been continuously extending its iGuana solution to include additional functionalities, fine-tuning and refining existing workflows with the help of iGuana’s team of specialized solution consultants.

It all started with a relatively simple yet highly efficient solution that made it possible to assign a barcode to all incoming invoices, scan the documents with the help of barcode recognition technology, then digitally archive all scanned purchase invoices and their metadata for further processing via a straightforward invoice approval workflow. To address additional requirements of the customer, the solution was later extended to incorporate an extra workflow for matching purchase orders with delivery notes. This made it easy for Summa personnel to check whether all goods were received from their suppliers before effecting any payments.

In addition, supplementary criteria were added to the approval workflow which, based on data collected from the invoice, would allow the system to determine which of the several different approval paths each invoice should follow. For example, an invoice over a certain amount would be automatically routed to select members of Summa staff for review and approval. Today, multiple departments at Summa effectively use the tried-and-tested iGuana iDM solution for AP processing. Several members of the Summa team scan the documents themselves utilizing specialized Kodak document scanners (also supplied by iGuana).

What is interesting about the current set-up and what also represents the most recent scale-up of the existing iGuana iDM software configuration, is the PO approval workflow involving digital signatures. Purchase orders created by the responsible Summa personnel in their ERP are being regularly imported into the iGuana iDM system for processing. There they enter an approval workflow involving multiple reviewers / approvers. Following a series of verification steps and depending on their outcome, the system determines whether digital signatures of specific members of the Summa team are necessary for final approval of the purchase order in question. Only after all required digital signatures are placed on the purchase order using the signing module in iGuana iDM, can such an order be approved. Once approved, iGuana iDM automatically sends the PO to the relevant Summa supplier via e-mail.

iGuana looks forward to continued and fruitful cooperation with the Summa team for years to come!

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Summa is a manufacturer of innovative cutting equipment that helps companies and people to finish their applications to the highest standards. Companies from all over the world use Summa’s cutting solutions for products in the printing, signage, display, apparel and packaging industries. It is thanks to Summa’s large network of valued resellers that they can deliver professional product advice and service worldwide.

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