iGuana and The Crowley Company are joining forces as part of a powerful alliance. The two long-term partners aim to build on the success of many years of fruitful collaboration and mutual trust to leverage each other’s extensive expertise and unparalleled know-how to deliver leading-edge digitization solutions to customers.

With corporate headquarters in the US and satellite offices in the UK, The Crowley Company is a world leader in scanning products and digitization services. It is a unique blend of scanner manufacturer, scan system distributor and digitization services bureau. This dynamic combination allows Crowley to understand the complexities of archival preservation and records management from every angle, providing a competitive and technological edge that cannot be found elsewhere. For 40 years, The Crowley Company has served archivists, librarians, records managers and all those tasked with the permanent preservation of information.

Headquartered in Belgium, iGuana is one of the largest players in the market for digitization solutions and scanning services, supplying state-of-the-art document management software (DMS) and capture software and acting as a leading distributor of professional scanners in Benelux, Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, and Southeast Asia (including Crowley’s world-premier Crowley and Wicks and Wilson scanner brands). iGuana is also the manufacturer of the world-leading V-shaped and robotic book scanners which iGuana sells under the Qidenus brand.

The Crowley Company has represented the Qidenus line of book scanners for more than a decade while iGuana has represented Crowley-manufactured microfilm & microfiche scanners for over 20 years. The acquisition of Qidenus Technologies by iGuana opened up a wide range of new and exciting opportunities for extended collaboration between the two leading digitization experts. This includes, among others, re-launch of the re-engineered 4th generation Qidenus book scanner models and the subsequent release of advanced capture software solutions.

Says Matthew McCabe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Crowley Company: “We’ve always been pleased to represent the Qidenus brand of book scanners, but these new models have kicked up the excitement level. iGuana’s expertise as a document services and solutions provider paired with the development and manufacturing expertise of Qidenus has resulted in a book scanner series that is forward-thinking for the niche market of archival book scanning.”

The completely re-developed QiCapture software, designed specifically for Qidenus book scanners, and the new release of iCapture for cultural heritage & archives, iGuana’s all-in-one capture platform and part of the iGuana iDM software suite, are also new and exciting additions to Crowley’s distribution portfolio.

“We are very pleased to have such a strong and long-lasting relationship with the world’s leading provider of scanning products and digitization services. We are excited to take this partnership one step further by establishing a much deeper cooperation with the Crowley team. By leveraging decades of combined expertise in delivering state-of-the-art digitization solutions to customers worldwide, our aim is to significantly extend our joint reach and market access, create more opportunities to bring greater benefit and added value to clients, and to offer a more complete and performant range of products, solutions and services,” says Stéphane Horta, CEO of iGuana.

“I have worked with The Crowley Company as a partner and reseller for more years than I can count. Our mutual trust and common goal to offer the best in digitization hardware and services unite us as we seek to propel the digitization industry into the future,” adds Herwig Eelen, President of iGuana and CEO of Qidenus Technologies. “Combining best-of-breed hardware, software and expertise of the two companies is bound to result in powerful solution offerings and significant added value for customers,” he concludes.

Both iGuana and The Crowley Company look positively forward to many more decades of continued cooperation.

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Since 1980, The Crowley Company has been a world leader in the manufacture and resale of digital scanning technologies. The firm also provides an extensive number of digital document and film conversion services and serves the library, academic, publishing, commercial, private, government and archive sectors.

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