The official visit of Ostrich International, a trusted partner of Qidenus Technologies (an iGuana company) in Japan to the Qidenus manufacturing facility and to iGuana’s cultural heritage digitization centre in Czech Republic in January 2020 was an excellent opportunity for the two long-term partners to solidify existing relationships, explore business opportunities and agree on a common vision and plan for the upcoming years of collaboration. What a great way to start a new decade!

We were thrilled to welcome Mr. Taku Suzuki, Ostrich International’s CEO, to tour our production facilities in Prague and to meet our team of engineers, scanning & digitization experts, specialists in manufacturing, product design and business development. Qidenus Technologies, iGuana and Ostrich International find that it was a very productive visit and an essential ingredient in allowing our organizations to exchange expertise, share valuable knowledge, strengthen our cross-border team spirit and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Ostrich International Co., Ltd, established in 1942, has been a trusted manufacturer and supplier of stationery products (in Japan and overseas) for many decades. The company’s second line of business includes providing emergency supplies and value-added services for the Japanese military, police, fire & emergency services, disaster preparedness, crime prevention, etc. Ostrich International’s third line of business constitutes scanning & digitization services, completing their diversified solutions & services portfolio. Our partner’s scanning facility in Japan is now equipped with Qidenus Smart, Qidenus Mastered & Qidenus Robotic book scanners. These state-of-the-art book scanners are used to deliver quality scans to multiple organizations in various industry sectors across Japan. Ostrich International’s clients & partners can also see Qidenus book scanners in action at the company’s showrooms in Hiroshima and in Yokohama. We also congratulate our partner on the successful installation of the Qidenus Robotic book scanner solution featuring a unique and fully automatic page turning system (the patented Bionic Finger technology) at Kobe University, a leading Japanese university.

Both Qidenus Technologies and iGuana thank Ostrich International for their trust and look forward to continued and fruitful cooperation!