Students in Postgraduate Information Management programme from Erasmus Brussels University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Erasmushogeschool Brussel – EhB) visit iGuana, a leading digitization & digital archiving solutions provider. Purpose of the study visit: for students taking the course in Digitization to learn first-hand about digitization best practices, processes & workflows, quality management, Metamorfoze guidelines, document management software (DMS) and its benefits, and much more.

We extend our sincere thanks to Wim Lowet, Digital Archive Consultant at the Flanders Architecture Institute (Vlaams Architectuurinstituut) who leads the Digitization course at EhB, for choosing iGuana and our team to offer this learning experience to the students, and a big thank you to Yves Vanderhaeghen, our Senior Solution Designer, and Stephane Horta, our CIO, for their fun and informative presentations, and an interactive tour of our scanning & digitization facilities (ScanFactory & ArtFactory).

Wishing all future information management, document management & archiving professionals who came to visit our HQ & digitization centre success in their studies, excitement and satisfaction in their chosen careers!