Like every organization, you find yourself under pressure to effectively manage your human resource (HR) files. You are expected to comply with a variety of regulatory requirements and timelines, maintain all your employee records and related documents in order and ensure security and integrity of sensitive employee information.

Although your organization may already have an HRM system in place that allows you to automate a variety of human resource processes, you are likely to have a backlog of paper and electronic documents that cannot be accessed with a simple press of a button. Just think of all the tax, sick leave, medical insurance and pension contribution forms, employee contracts, resumes / CVs, e-mails, and other related administration documents that you archive on a regular basis.

Our Solution

The iGuana iDM Human Resource Document Management Solution is designed to help organizations capture all their human resource documents (paper and electronic), securely archive them in a central repository and make them easy to retrieve by authorized members of staff. What this means is that you can obtain a unified view of your employees and create a complete electronic file for each.

Document Archiving

iGuana iDM allows organizations to scan paper documents, index and classify them within a logical file structure within the software. For large volumes of documents, the backlog can be scanned using barcode recognition technology. This allows iGuana iDM to automatically assign each scanned file, as well as its contents, an appropriate classification within the software and create a logical tree structure for each file.

Already existing and new electronic documents, such as e-mails, PDF and MS Office documents, images, and other digital documents are also automatically stored within this logical tree structure.

Form Processing

If you need to capture data from a number of paper forms, such as employee holiday requests, the iGuana iDM solution can process these forms for you, capturing all necessary data using OCR and OMR technology. Captured data can be used by your employees or imported into your HRM system.

Document Routing and Approval

Your organization may need a solution to route and approve certain documents, such as employee purchases or leave requests. iGuana iDM can automate your document approval process in two ways: approval routing or approval workflow. Full audit trail is available to track all tasks performed by users on a particular document.

HRM Integration

iGuana iDM can integrate with your HRM/HCM system, such as Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, etc. One of the main advantages of integration is that your staff are able to seamlessly access documents archived in iGuana iDM via the familiar HRM interface.

Security and Compliance

In iGuana iDM, legal and regulatory compliance is automatically maintained, including protection of sensitive data from unauthorized access, revision-proof archiving, compliance with data retention and destruction policies and privacy rules. All documents are encrypted and detailed data access logs are provided.

iGuana iDM empowers people.

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