Are you looking for an experienced partner to take care of your medical archive so that you can focus on your core mission of taking care of patients?

Do you find managing your patient file archive a really time consuming, costly process that requires a lot of effort and administration on your part? Would you like to free up your existing archive space, re-purpose it and reduce your records management costs? Are you overwhelmed with all the processes and procedures you need to put in place to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance and to guarantee safety and security of confidential documents in your archive? What about all the things you need to think about to ensure appropriate storage conditions for medical documents and business continuity in the event of a disaster? How about retention planning and destruction of eligible documents? Finally, do you also need to take care of daily scanning of new patient files so that they can be made available to the doctors in digital format?

If so, our experienced team of archive and records management specialists can help! iGuana can take care of all of the above for you, help you reduce costs and get rid of all concerns associated with managing your medical archive once and for all.

Full Outsourcing Solution for Medical Archive Management at a Glance

Take advantage of our all-inclusive, full archive outsourcing solution and never worry about your medical archive again.
We’ll take care of everything. It’s that simple.

Inventory of Existing Patient Archive, Transportation & Offsite Storage

Our team will conduct a full, on-site inventory of your entire archive of existing patient files and register every single file in our state-of-the-art archive management system. We will then carefully pack your medical files in specially designed archive boxes and safely transport them to our secure storage facility. Throughout the entire process the exact status and location of each individual file is known in real time, which means that you never have to worry that any document would ever fall through the cracks.

Pick-up of New & Daily Medical Documents at Regular Intervals

In addition to the backlog of already existing medical records which constitute your patient archive,  you will also have an influx of new patient related documents on a daily basis that need to be archived and managed. For example, these could be documents associated with newly admitted patients. We will pick up these documents from your hospital’s site(s) at agreed-upon regular intervals and transport them to our storage & scanning facility. We will then scan these documents and associate them with the correct patient file in the iGuana iDM digital archiving system.

Retention Management & Confidential Destruction of Medical Files

We will develop an individual retention plan for each type of file / document. From then on you will never have to worry about which files must be retained and for what period. Our system will automatically issue reminders to our staff letting our experts know when the documents in question can be legally destroyed. Medical files eligible for destruction will then be transported to the certified confidential destruction facility for secure destruction according to standards appropriate for the destruction of medical documents with subsequent issuance of an official certified destruction certificate.

Software to Access Medical Records & Request Scanning or Delivery on Demand

We will provide your medical staff / doctors with secure access to the iGuana iDM document management & digital archiving software. By logging into the software, doctors will be able to access electronic medical files of their patients, see which files or documents have not yet been digitized and to request these paper documents to be scanned on demand when needed by the doctor. Alternatively, they can also request for physical files to be delivered. iGuana iDM software maintains information about the physical location of paper records in our storage facility so that they can be easily retrieved, scanned (or delivered) on request and made available through the iGuana iDM system to the requesting doctor.

Integration with Your Appointment Management System, HIS & EHR

We can integrate the iGuana iDM digital archiving software with your appointment management system, such as UltraGenda. Through integration, iGuana staff will know in advance which patient documents need to scanned and delivered to the doctor in digital format well in advance of their patient appointment. From a doctor’s perspective, they will always have access to the required patient files on time with a press of a button. In addition, we can integrate with your HIS (Hospital Information System) and your EHR (Electronic Health Record) system via HL7, providing doctors with a unified view of each patient and their complete file.

iGuana - Medical Records Management & Patient File Management

Why Choose iGuana?

You can trust iGuana to take care of your patient files & medical records. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Leading provider of solutions for the healthcare sector
  • Unmatched expertise in management of medical archives
  • Trusted partner of top healthcare providers in Europe
  • Proven track record of success in projects of massive scale
  • Highly secure & fully equipped storage & scanning facilities
  • Experienced archive & records management specialists

With decades of experience in storing, inventorying, scanning, indexing, archiving huge volumes of documents and in managing large-scale medical records management projects, iGuana offers an easy, secure, and cost-effective outsourcing solution. You save time, money, effort and can focus on your core activities of treating patients while we manage your archive for you. Get in touch with one of our experts today!

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