iGuana and Complex Systems Development (CSD) are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership agreement for the country of Romania. The signing of this SPA serves to solidify existing ties between two partners and ensure that the two companies are perfectly aligned to deliver advanced digital transformation solutions and consultancy to customers in Romania.

Building upon years of successful collaboration and fueled by a shared belief in the importance of a holistic, customer-centric approach to the implementation of digital transformation projects, iGuana and CSD are now better positioned than ever to leverage each other’s expertise in the fields of document management, digital archiving, large-scale data capture, scanning and digitization. By joining forces, the two partners are ready to help customers transform their organizations, achieve operational efficiency, and optimize business processes through adoption of leading-edge digital technologies, innovations, and best practices.

Complex Systems Development with head offices in Bucharest, Romania, has extensive experience in providing high-volume off-site and on-site document scanning services and implementing complex solutions for storage, search and effective utilization of large volumes of digitized content. CSD also provides a full spectrum of personalized electronic archiving services and archiving consultancy delivered by experts in document management, archiving and administrative support. Last but not least, CSD offers and implements GIS (Geographical Information System) and georeferencing solutions used in route planning, cartography, resource management, environmental impact studies and other fields.

Headquartered in Belgium, iGuana is one of the biggest players in the market for digitization solutions & services. iGuana develops and supplies state-of-the-art iGuana iDM document management software (DMS), digital archiving solutions and capture software. In addition, iGuana provides high-volume, high-speed document scanning (ScanFactory) and cultural heritage digitization (ArtFactory) services via its regional digitization centres located in Belgium and Czech Republic. iGuana is also a leading distributor of professional scanners in Benelux, Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS, and Southeast Asia, and manufacturer of world leading V-shaped & robotic book scanners sold under the Qidenus brand.

The signing of the strategic partnership agreement between iGuana and CSD was a much-anticipated outcome of a long-term relationship based on mutual trust and commitment. The two companies have a long history of working together culminating in the successful implementation of a large-scale digitization solution for the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Romania at the beginning of 2020. Earlier this year iGuana and CSD made an exciting announcement about the delivery and installation of 29 premier-class Qidenus book scanners to digitize 80 million civil status documents. This project was made possible due to close collaboration between Qidenus Technologies (an iGuana company) and CSD.

“We are really excited to officially welcome Complex Systems Development to the iGuana family as our Strategic Partner in Romania and as a valued member of the iGuana Strategic Partnership Programme (ISPP),” says Stéphane Horta, CEO of iGuana. “The signing of the SPA is something that both of our companies have been working towards and looking forward to for some time. We are thrilled to finally advance our partnership to the next level and to be able to further strengthen existing relationships between our expert teams,” he concludes.

“We are thrilled to become iGuana’s Strategic Partner in Romania and are excited about the prospect of an even closer collaboration. Given our history of success working together and delivering complex projects, our ability to cooperate on a strategic level is bound to bring about new business opportunities, create new synergies, allow us to develop and deliver bespoke digital archiving and digitization solutions,” says Cristian Vilcu, CEO of CSD. “We look forward to the challenge and excitement of accompanying our customers even in their most complex digital transformation projects.”

iGuana and Complex Systems Development look forward to continued and fruitful cooperation.

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About Complex Systems Development

Headquartered in Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and with regional offices in both Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Complex Systems Development (CSD) is a company specialized in scanning large volumes of documents through their state-of-the-art document conversion centers. Complex Systems Development (CSD) offers a high scanning capacity, allowing up to 500,000 pages scanned daily due to the use of the latest software and high speed scanners. CSD also provides on-site and off-site document scanning services, digital archiving services, archiving consulting, document management software, warehouse management systems and various management platforms.

CSD (Head Office)
Decebal 12
030967 Bucharest, Romania

+40 733 683 138