Records Storage Off Site, Archive & Retention Management

Our secure long-term document storage solution with retention planning is an affordable records management service tailored to your individual needs. We can help you free up space and manage your documents, files, records and archives effectively by: storing them at our secure storage facility, providing you with on-demand access to your documents whenever you need it, developing an individual retention plan for each type of file or document, and providing a certified destruction service. You can maximize or re-purpose your existing archive space and eliminate your records management costs while retaining all the benefits of in-house storage and maintaining full regulatory compliance.

In summary, our complete solution for long-term archive storage, records management & retention planning includes:

  • Full inventory of your archive, transportation to our secure records storage facility, storage in a controlled environment
  • Urgent requests processing i.e. on-demand physical delivery or on-demand scanning of requested documents
  • Retention planning with reminders of when your documents can be legally destroyed, certified confidential destruction

With decades of experience in storing, inventorying, scanning & indexing huge volumes of documents and in managing large-scale records & information management (RIM) projects, iGuana offers an easy, secure, and cost-effective solution. You save time, money, and effort to focus on your core activities while we manage your archive for you.

Benefits of Secure Offsite Records Storage

iGuana’s experienced & security-cleared archive & records management experts will take good care of you and your archive!

  • Your records archive is emptied a.s.a.p.; space can be re-purposed and your operating costs are reduced
  • iGuana conducts a full inventory of your paper archive and all documents are carefully registered
  • Fast and easy access to your documents from your desk at any time via our Customer Portal
  • On-demand delivery of documents physically or in digital format via e-mail or directly into your DMS
  • Track & Trace lets you have full control over your archive in real time and know exactly where your files are
  • Individual retention plan for each file / document type & identification of what can be destroyed
  • Certified confidential destruction of files / documents that reached the end of their retention period

Privacy & Security

iGuana takes matters of privacy, security and data protection very seriously. We have an in-house Data Protection Officer (DPO) on staff who is responsible for ensuring compliance with internal privacy & security policies and implementing procedures in line with GDPR and with the ISO 27001 standard for information security.

  • In-house DPO on staff
  • Strict access controls; 24/7 monitoring
  • Security cameras, video surveillance system
  • Ban on Wi-Fi & mobile phones
  • Background checks & confidentiality agreements
  • Secure transportation & sealed storage
  • Secure file delivery (physical or digital format)
  • Confidential certified destruction


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