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iGuana offers a comprehensive range of support services even for the most demanding customers. Our Helpdesk provides local support in your native language, including Dutch, French, German and English. Ours is a culture of ‘doers’. We will do everything we possibly can to help you and will not rest until we find a solution. All support requests are handled by our Service Ticketing System which guarantees that all tickets are processed in an orderly and time-efficient manner. As soon as you contact iGuana with a support issue, we create a service ticket in our system and send you a confirmation e-mail. Your service ticket is prioritized based on the severity and urgency of the specific issue you have and is assigned to one of our support representatives for resolution. We work according to the following key principles:

Contact iGuana Support 

+32 2 70 90 102


    Stijn Buys
    Stijn BuysSupport & Helpdesk


    Monday to Friday
    09:00 – 17:00
    +32 2 70 90 102

    Scanner Hotline

    Monday to Friday
    09:00 – 17:00
    +32 2 70 90 102

    Urgent Scanning

    Monday to Friday
    08:00 – 17:00
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    iGuana iDM Software Assurance

    iGuana iDM Software Assurance is a comprehensive maintenance and support offering that ensures you get the most out of your investment in iGuana iDM software solutions. Benefits include latest software releases, updates, fixes, technical support services, and more.

    With iGuana iDM Software Assurance Plans you can take full advantage of the latest software improvements and features, ensure continuous and reliable performance of your system and avoid unexpected upgrade and support costs. Software Assurance plans include: Silver, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Diamond. Diamond Plan is a full-blown SLA that covers not only your iGuana iDM software but also your entire solution (including custom design, scripting, interfaces, configuration, etc.)

    Our suite of software assurance plans provides you with options, such as:

    • 4 different types of plans to cater to a range of needs
    • Major and minor upgrades, hot fixes
    • Technical support via local helpdesk
    • Access to our unique online support platform (iCare)
    • Option to have a custom SLA designed for you
    • Option to assure your entire solution

    Download our Software Assurance brochure here.

    Scanner Maintenance Services

    With iGuana Scanner Maintenance Services you have the protection of an experienced team of technicians, providing the quality service you need to keep your equipment and business running at peak performance.

    Our Maintenance Service Package consists of a suite of contracts designed to meet your specific business needs. It helps protect your productivity, avoid unexpected charges and keep your scanners performing optimally while protecting your business processes. Our service contracts include Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum Plus and Diamond. Select a Diamond Plan if you wish to build your own, unique service contract.

    Our suite of service contracts provides you with options, such as:

    • 5 different types of contracts to cater to a range of needs
    • Priority response and repair of your scanners
    • Spare parts, labour and travel covered
    • Dedicated disaster recovery site (ScanFactory)
    • Firmware upgrades to ensure optimum performance
    • Preventive maintenance visits
    • Extended business hours (including 24/7)
    • Installation and operator training
    • Download our Scanner Maintenance Brochure here.

    All Other Questions & Queries

    For all other questions or queries you may have that do not fall within the scope of customer support (e.g. project status updates, requests for price quotes, etc.) please contact your Account Manager.