Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner is the ultimate office scanning solution. With the Qidenus Swan document and book scanner you can easily scan all kinds of office documents, including ring folders, flip boards, magazines, books, loose sheets, certificates, invoices, contracts, surveys, crumpled documents, etc. Thanks to the scanner’s adjustable V-shaped book cradle, you can scan bound materials without having to unbind them, remove paper clips or staples. All you need to do is place the document in the office scanner and press a button. It’s that easy.

Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner scans faster than you can turn the page: 2 pages at once in less than 1 second and 4 times faster than ordinary flatbed scanners. It is available in A3 and A2 sizes, features a 10” high-definition touch screen display and is equipped with QiDrive software suite that walks you through the workflow. A QuadCore PC, integrated into Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner, makes the scanner completely independent. Everything can be controlled through the 10” touch screen and transferred to a USB stick or via Wi-Fi for complete autonomy. Qidenus Swan office scanner by Qidenus Technologies (an iGuana company) is an intuitive, ready-to-use plug-and-play system. Pre-installed software, no training required. Instant image capture. Elegant design.

Ideal for office use, self-service kiosks in public spaces and heritage material digitization.

Specifications Description
Scanning Area A3, A2
Adjustable Cradle 140° – 180°
Resolution Output Option 1 300 ppi – dual system Sony cameras
Resolution Output Option 2 600 ppi – dual Raytrix 42 MPIX cameras
Lighting System Specially designed LED – cold light
Sensor type CMOS – no mechanical shutter
Software Control 10” touch screen display
Software QiDrive Touch
IT System Integrated QuadCore Processor PC
Dimensions H: 80 cm / W: 65 cm / D: 60 cm
Output Image Formats PDF single & multi-page, JPEG, TIFF


Download the complete Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner Specifications here.
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Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner Video

Key Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner Features

  • Ready-to-use, plug-and-play system
  • Pre-installed software, no training
  • Available in A3 and A2 sizes
  • Adjustable cradle (140 to 180 degrees)
  • Scans 2 pages in less than 1 second

Qidenus Technologies is an iGuana company.

QiDrive Book Scanning Software

Developed specifically for the Qidenus line of book scanners, QiDrive Software Suite is a powerful software package that incorporates image capturing, image processing, quality control and workflow management. QiDrive is designed to increase the overall digitization throughput while simultaneously increasing output quality. It provides an intelligent workflow paired with an intuitive user interface.

  • Real-time image preview via an easy-to-use user interface
  • Integrated quality control centre for scanned images / books
  • Coordination & monitoring of all resources & processes
  • Automatic batch processing; automatic & manual post-processing
  • Metadata creation & insertion
  • Fully integrated OCR engine
  • Available in different languages


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