iGuana iDM Modules

iGuana iDM is a full-blown electronic document management and digital archiving system (DMS). It is completely web-based, fully configurable, and comes with a wide range of exciting features. iGuana iDM has a modular structure which gives you the flexibility to adapt the software to your specific needs, irrespective of your industry or business size. It doesn’t matter whether you are an SMB or an enterprise-level organization. Pick and choose what you need today, scale up and extend in the future. The possibilities are limitless.

Client Modules

Server Modules

Integration Modules

iGuana iDM Features


Here is just a small sample of the exciting features that iGuana iDM software has to offer!

  • Fully configurable interface
  • Google-style document search
  • Related documents in search results
  • Document annotations & snapshots
  • Point & click indexing
  • E-mail & multimedia archiving
  • MS Office & SharePoint integration
  • Report generator & extended statistics
  • Version management & audit trails
  • Physical records management
  • Case management (compliance)
  • Flexible workflow engine

DMS Solutions


Need help streamlining your invoice processing and approval process? Managing your human resource files more efficiently? Adopting structured contract management procedures? Creating electronic medical records? Or simply getting your documents organized so you can easily find them?

Whichever need you have, we have a solution for you. For your industry, for your company size and for your department.

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