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We believe in global strategic alliances and strong partnerships to provide robust solutions to customers worldwide. We recognize that partners like you are critical to our success. With our state-of-the-art, innovative solutions & products, your domain expertise and your intricate local market knowledge, we can work together to achieve success. We will help you expand your portfolio, broaden your reach, generate demand, differentiate yourself from competition, deliver value to your customers, close more deals and maximize profit. Become part of our rapidly growing partner network and discover a wide range of opportunities for your company!

If you choose to join the iGuana partner network, you will be able to take advantage of a compelling partnership & rewards model that best suits both, your business objectives and your preferred way of working. As iGuana’s Strategic Partner in your region you have access to exclusive benefits & incentives and can leverage our unsurpassed marketing, sales & technical expertise. As iGuana’s Authorized Reseller you can provide substantial added value to your customers and generate significant additional revenues by incorporating iGuana’s innovative solutions into your existing portfolio. As iGuana’s Franchisee you have the unique opportunity to take full advantage of the power of the iGuana brand, business model and know-how to expand your business.

We are dedicated to your success. Grow your business, expand your portfolio and receive advantageous rewards!

iGuana is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Join the iGuana Strategic Partnership Programme (ISPP)

ISPP is a unique, marketing-driven partnership model which offers exclusive benefits & incentives available only to strategic partners. It presumes a strong & long-lasting commitment from both, the iGuana side and the partner side to achieve a set of common strategic goals. By joining ISPP you take full advantage of our unparalleled expertise in online & social media marketing and access to experts who can design tailored solutions, unmatched by competition, to meet your customer’s needs. In exchange for your commitment we will make it as easy as possible for your sales team to close deals, increase revenues & achieve higher profit margins for your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Free iGuana iDM software
  • Free iGuana iDM software demos for your customers
  • Exclusive discounts & special pricing
  • Free sales, marketing & social media training
  • Full-blown online & social media marketing
  • Deal registration & project protection
  • Pre-sales & post-sales assistance
  • Provision of all sales leads for your region directly to you
  • Listing of your company as direct contact for your region
  • Dedicated strategic partnerships manager
  • Dedicated marketing & communications manager
  • Direct access to iGuana CEO
  • Exclusive partner events with top management
  • Strategic partner logo & certificate
We take care, you sell

Become an Authorized Reseller

By becoming our authorized reseller you can include a unique selection of iGuana products & solutions in your own portfolio, provide substantial added value to your customers and generate significant additional revenues. By leveraging the iGuana brand, state-of-the art software & hardware you can win new clients and deliver competitive solutions that your customers need. We will treat you as our loyal customer and ensure that our sales consultants are always available to assist you in the process.

Key Benefits

  • Attractive reseller discounts
  • Volume-based discounts
  • Deal registration & project protection
  • Special pricing on demo units
  • Access to self-service marketing content
  • Authorized reseller logo

Open an iGuana Scanning Operations Franchise

If you wish to expand your business by opening up your own scanning & digitization operation, you have the option to take advantage of iGuana’s unparalleled expertise in setting up and running successful digitization centres (ArtFactory & ScanFactory). We have decades of experience in scanning, digitizing and indexing massive volumes of documents & archives in production-scale environments. We can share our expertise with you and help you become a successful digitization services provider in your region operating under the iGuana brand.

Key Benefits

  • Opportunity to open a new line of business
  • Tried-and-tested, proven business model
  • Low risk: recognizable brand, decades of experience
  • Own iGuana iDM capture platform
  • Full-blown training & support from experts
  • Full-blown marketing & advertising

Flagship Products, Solutions & Services

iGuana iDM Software

Unleash the Power of iGuana iDM

Document Management & Digital Archiving Software
Capture & Digitization Software for Cultural Heritage & Archives

Qidenus Book Scanners

Preserve the Past for the Future

World-leading, State-of-the-Art, V-shaped Book Scanners
Global Patent on Bionic Finger Technology

Scanning & Digitization Services

Digitize Any Document or Artwork

Professional Scanning Services for Documents & Archives
Digitization & Preservation of Cultural Heritage Collections


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Daria MavrenkovaMarketing & Communications Manager
+32 471 136 468

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