The Mekel MACH 5 microfilm scanner is a production scanner that can scan and convert various types of microfilm into high-quality digital images, including (as standard): 16 mm, 35 mm, up to 1.000′ roll film, and 3M / ANSI / Ektamate cartridges. Mekel MACH 5 microfilm scanner offers up to 600 dpi true optical resolution and scans 100′ roll film in less than 6 minutes. With the Mekel MACH 5 production scanner, 100% image capture accuracy and best possible quality are guaranteed.

Powered by Mekel Technology’s one-of-a-kind Quantum software (Quantum Scan & Quantum Process), the MACH 5 microfilm scanner offers superior image capture at full speed and sophisticated image processing of up to 1600 images per minute for a wide variety of microfilm in various states of composition. It is a value-for-money option with significant savings benefits and minimal maintenance requirements. Ideal for service bureaus, corporations, government, archives, record managers and other organizations with large-volume microfilm scanning needs.

Specifications Description
Resolution Up to 600 dpi true optical resolution, 4x – 96x reduction ratio range
Film Types (100′, 215′ and 1.000′ roll standard) ANSI, M-types, Ektamate and open spools
16 mm / 35 mm; simplex / duplex; positive / negative
Silver, Diazo and Vesicular formats
Camera / Optics Full 8.192 pixel CCD array for highest true optical dpi in the industry
Quantum Speed (100′ roll) 200 dpi using Quantum Scan: 6 minutes
300 dpi using Quantum Scan: 9 minutes
Complete rolls in 1/2 time using speed mode
Roll Film Speed (per Image) Up to 350 images / 700 files per minute at 200 dpi using speed mode
Complete rolls in 1/2 time using speed mode
Quantum Image Processing Up to 1600 images per minute (32 bit; 64 bit higher)
Single, double or triple level blip code detection
Full frame, leading and trail edge detection
Hardware Image Enhancement Real-time image sharpening and enhancement done in hardware; no reduction in throughput
Output Formats Simultaneous output of grayscale and bitonal formats
Output to single, multi-page, bitonal TIFF (G4) and JPEG
Output to TIFF uncompressed, PDF compressed (single / multi), JPEG2000, PDF/A and others


Download the complete Mekel MACH 5 Microfilm Scanner Specifications here.
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Mekel MACH 5 Microfilm Scanner by Crowley – Video

Quantum Software

Roll film. Ribbon scanning. Strip scanning. Complete capture. Quantum is the most advanced microfilm scanning and processing software on the market.

Quantum Scan allows you to: scan an entire roll of film in minutes (full roll ribbon scanning); detect all images and flag those that need review; ensure 100% accurate image detection with a host of manual & automatic features. Quantum Process makes it possible to: edit image detection and make changes to both, grayscale and bitonal image quality without ever having to reload a roll of film; store strips to make as many changes as necessary to obtain the highest quality images; process even poor-quality or degraded film without missing images.

Key benefits of Quantum Scanning & Processing Software include:

  • Increased operator production
  • Scan at full-rated speeds without operator intervention
  • Share quality assurance tasks with multiple operators
  • Drive multiple MACH series scanners with a single operator
  • Significantly reduced scanning costs
  • Never search for lost images
  • Eliminate the need to reload & rescan
  • Guaranteed 100% image capture
  • Superior image quality
  • Download Mekel Quantum Scanning & Processing Software Brochure here.

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