The iGuana team is excited to have been able to contribute to the 3D digitization of a number of precious objects for the KOERS museum’s online story and collection portal serviceKOERS. The 360° spins produced by iGuana are used to illustrate cycling stories made available to virtual visitors via the serviceKOERS portal.

The KOERS Museum van de Wielersport (KOERS Museum of Cycle Racing) is located in Roeselare, Belgium. The recently launched serviceKOERS online portal will become its virtual museum of cycling stories and serve as a starting point for historical cycling research and a platform for collectors. By integrating timelines, maps and 360° spins, serviceKOERS showcases various objects, race photos and stories in an interactive and engaging way. New digitized items that further enrich this virtual collection and experience are being continuously added to the portal.

A few examples of 360° spins made by iGuana for the KOERS museum include:

Our team is thankful for the privilege to scan precious objects from the KOERS collection for the serviceKOERS portal and to help the museum share these amazing cycling stories with the world. In the past, iGuana already worked closely with the KOERS museum on an important project which involved the digitization of 51 Tour de France yellow jerseys in 3D for the Merckx 51 Expo website. You can read more about this exciting project here.

Trophy digitized for the “1967 Pre-Olympic Stage Trophy – Jean-Pierre Monseré” short story.