In 2018 iGuana embarked on a large-scale digitization project involving 1 700 000 medical files or 20 000 000 pages of documents for the Antwerp Hospital Network (Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen – ZNA). ZNA is the largest hospital network in Belgium serving over 30 municipalities. It has 2 500 beds and employs 6 300 personnel, including 600 doctors.  ZNA entrusted iGuana with long-term storage and subsequent digitization of approximately 30 km worth of medical archives from multiple ZNA hospital sites / campuses.

Project Highlights

This project is of unprecedented scale and complexity, especially with regards to the sheer volume of medical files involved and the extremely short timeframe during which iGuana personnel had to inventory and transport 30 km worth of patient files to iGuana’s secure storage facility.

iGuana’s highly trained personnel conducted a complete physical inventory of 1 700 000 patient medical files contained in the ZNA patient archives and located at multiple hospital sites in the city of Antwerp. Every single file was inventoried on-site and registered in the iGuana system, then allocated to a specially designed archive box which was in turn assigned to a pallet for subsequent transportation. In a matter of just a couple of months, working under a strict deadline, iGuana personnel managed to inventory, pack in archive boxes and transport the entire 30 km of medical archive from ZNA to iGuana’s long-term storage facility. The complex logistics of this operation involved over 100 000 archive boxes, 2 500 pallets and 80 heavy-duty transportation trailers.

iGuana personnel scan and index ZNA medical records at iGuana’s scanning & digitization facility (ScanFactory) at a rate of 200 000 images per day. Scanned and indexed images are being continuously fed into ZNA’s iGuana iDM document management and digital archiving system supplied to the hospital by iGuana. iGuana iDM software for medical records is used by the hospital’s doctors and other medical personnel to easily search for, find, retrieve and view patient medical files in digital format.

The ZNA – iGuana project also featured in ZORG Magazine, a reputable Belgian magazine for executives in the healthcare sector.

About ZNA

Antwerp Hospital Network (Ziekenhuis Netwerk Antwerpen – ZNA) is the largest healthcare organization in Belgium. With ten sites, the group comprises 3 general hospitals, seven day centers, six specialized hospitals, a psychiatric nursing home and a residential care center.

ZNA stands for high-quality and accessible care and serves over 32 municipalities. This means that ZNA can potentially cover more than 1 000 000 inhabitants. In the city of Antwerp ZNA achieves a patient share of 44% and employs about 6 300 people, including 600 doctors.

In 2019, ZNA had approximately 2 500 beds and 51 000 people were hospitalized (admitted with overnight stay). In addition, 71 000 patients received treatment in a day clinic. There were also 600 000 outpatients.