iGuana is excited to announce the launch of 3D & 360° digitization service for cultural heritage objects and collections.

Cultural heritage institutions can now take advantage of our advanced 3D digital technology and our experience in 360° & 3D photography to transform precious heritage objects & artifacts to digital 3D format. It is a great opportunity for cultural heritage organizations to create digital collections of colourful, realistic digital replicas of physical objects in 3D that convey the real-life look & feel of precious items & artifacts.

In addition, these 3D representations are perfectly suitable for online display (for example, on a museum’s website). You can make them easily accessible to specialists in preservation & restoration, to researchers, scholars and the general public. Our 360° spins provide a 3D view of each object from all sides and the option to swipe, zoom in and see all the sharp details. It is also possible to add a QR code. Whenever someone scans your QR code with their mobile phone they will be taken directly to the 3D image which they can inspect at leisure.

3D Tour de France yellow jerseys displayed on this page are from the project iGuana completed for the KOERS Museum van de Wielersport (KOERS Museum of Cycle Racing) in Belgium for the Merckx 51 Exhibition. We digitized a total of 51 different Tour de France yellow jerseys which are now available in 3D on the KOERS museum Merckx 51 website.

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