Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner

Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner is a fully automated, market-leading book scanner designed for large scale book digitization and 24/7 operation. This robotic book scanner with an 80 degree V-shaped book cradle and automatic glass plate is compliant with the FADGI and Metamorfoze preservation standards and features one-of-a-kind, patented automatic page turning system (the Bionic Finger). The Bionic [...]


Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner

Qidenus Mastered Book Scanner is a semi-automated, market-leading book scanner designed for large scale book digitization. The Qidenus Mastered book scanner unit is the most versatile scanner in the Qidenus portfolio. It offers the widest range of scan area sizes and resolution output. It uses a self-centering book cradle with a gentle 80° opening angle in combination with an automated glass plat [...]


Qidenus Smart Book Scanner

Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is a manual, market-leading book scanner engineered to deliver outstanding image quality, excellent productivity, speed and ease of handling. Qidenus Smart Book Scanner is designed for individual work: one operator, one book. Operator has full control over the scanner's 100 degree V-shaped book cradle, the position of the glass plate and scanning speed. Narrow opening [...]


Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner

Qidenus Swan Document & Book Scanner is the ultimate office scanning solution. With the Qidenus Swan document and book scanner you can easily scan all kinds of office documents, including ring folders, flip boards, magazines, books, loose sheets, certificates, invoices, contracts, surveys, crumpled documents, etc. Thanks to the scanner's adjustable V-shaped book cradle, you can scan bound ma [...]