iGuana Digital Library: A Complete Solution to Bring Your Library Online

Is your library looking for a reliable solution to digitize books, make them available online and preserve them for the future? Are you searching for ways to make it easy for your members, the general public, scientists and researchers to access your library's collections (whether on a subscription basis or for free) from the comfort of their home or workplace? Do you feel increasing pressure to [...]


Digital Mailroom: Software Solution to Scan, Capture, Classify & Distribute Incoming Mail

How does your organization cope with incoming mail, especially now that most of your personnel are working from home? How do you ensure that the right people in the right departments within your organization (HR, finance, customer service, etc.) have access to daily incoming mail in a timely manner? If this is a challenge that you wish to address, iGuana has a solution for you. With the iGuana iDM [...]


Medical Records Scanning

As a healthcare organization you strive to offer top quality care to your patients. One of the key challenges you are facing is how to provide your medical staff with convenient, on-demand and cost-efficient access to patient medical records. Hospital Information Systems (HIS) cannot fully address this challenge if you have a backlog of medical records in paper format. These paper records, which a [...]


Document Management for Human Resources

Like every organization, you find yourself under pressure to effectively manage your human resource (HR) files. You are expected to comply with a variety of regulatory requirements and timelines, maintain all your employee records and related documents in order and ensure security and integrity of sensitive employee information. Although your organization may already have an HRM system in place th [...]


Automatic processing and approval of purchase invoices

Processing paper invoices often presents a big challenge for companies. Registering invoices, posting them to a company's ERP system or accounting software and managing the subsequent approval process usually translates into time-consuming, predominantly manual work. As a result, companies experience unnecessary, yet substantial, losses in productivity and incur costs, such as forgoing early-payme [...]


Document Management for SMB

Document management for small and mid-size business (SMB) often presents a big challenge. Due to time and budget constraints it is easy to find yourself in a situation where important business documents (electronic and paper) are maintained in disparate locations and are managed in a decentralized manner. This makes it difficult to ensure that you have a complete and consistent view of your custom [...]


Contract Management

Modern organizations are facing increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve financial and operational performance. Continuously changing regulatory requirements, increase in complexity of business transactions and supplier relationships makes the job of purchasing and accounting departments very difficult and time consuming. An increasing number of organizations now recognize the importance an [...]


Intelligent Lab Form Processing

Healthcare professionals working at laboratories are always looking for better ways to collect and analyze patient lab form data. Increasing desire among patients to receive more sophisticated healthcare services and the growing demand for advanced integrated healthcare systems create the need for efficient and error-proof tools to process patient lab test request forms. Given the amount of data c [...]


Document Management for SAP

Nowadays companies face a common issue of corporate data overload in the form of structured data, stored in databases and generated by ERP systems such as SAP, and unstructured data, in the form of paper and electronic documents, e-mails, images, and more. Naturally, organizations, large and small, are looking for solutions to structure and manage these data in an efficient and cost-effective way, [...]