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iGuana Company Profile

iGuana is at the forefront of providing state-of-the-art electronic Document Management Solutions and Scanning Services since 1985. We help customers manage all their documents electronically, cost-efficiently and in a legally compliant way. Headquartered in Belgium, with regional offices in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Cyprus, iGuana offers industry-specific solutions and services for enterprise-level customers and SMBs in the Finance, Banking, Insurance, Government, Healthcare, Logistics, Automotive, and other industries. With over 30 years of unrivaled expertise in document management and scanning services, iGuana is a market leader in Healthcare and in pioneering innovation.

Our Vision & Mission

iGuana’s continued growth over 30 years is attributable to our focus on innovation, our broad portfolio, and our ability to stay close to our customers and understand their ever-changing needs. iGuana’s vision is to help the world run better and improve everyone’s lives. Our mission is to help every customer become a best-run business through digital transformation. We do this by delivering technology innovations that solve the challenges of today and turn them into opportunities of tomorrow, without disrupting our customers’ operations.

Our Strategy

Organizations around the world are now entering a new era of digital transformation and innovation. Businesses often struggle with massive amounts of paper documents that have built up over the decades. However, investments in innovations and change from paper to digital often take a long time to implement or to realize return on investment. Due to this complexity, customers are not able to respond quickly enough to changing market conditions. We believe that productivity is the key: by solving the challenge of archiving complexity, we can help unlock our customers’ innovation potential.


Cutting-edge R&D

Our software development team uses cutting-edge R&D methods and the latest state-of-the-art technologies. Our Agile Software Development Framework (Scrum) allows us to focus on maximizing our team’s ability to deliver quickly, respond to emerging requirements and adapt to evolving technologies and market changes.

Strategic Partnerships

We believe in global strategic alliances and strong partnerships to provide tailored solutions to customers worldwide. Our network of channel partners supports the diverse needs of customers across market segments. We are a Silver Microsoft Partner, an Elite Kodak Alaris Partner, and successfully run own partner programme.

Expert Consulting

We offer a wide range of expert digital transformation consulting and project management services. Our consultants provide best-practice advice in relation to industry standards for digital archiving and related legislation. Our PMs have a proven track record of successful solution implementations using our PRINCE2 based methodology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We make every effort to exercise CSR and promote positive environmental and social change. We strive to embrace environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and ethical business practices. We help clients transform paper processes into sustainable workflows, we support important social causes, our team is happy and healthy.

Stephane Horta
Stephane HortaCEO
Born in Belgium in 1965, Stephane Horta is an executive with a difference. What distinguishes him from others in similar positions is his all-round, in-depth understanding of the field and industry he operates in. He recognizes the importance of knowing – in detail – what goes on at the front line today, in order to be able to develop a vision for tomorrow.

He is both a thinker and doer, in that order. His invaluable contribution to the company is ultimately based on his insatiable desire to adopt the latest IT technology and stretch its boundaries to the maximum, for the benefit of the users. Above all, Stephane is uncompromising when it comes to his customers’ experience. Whatever happens, he will make sure that he and his team, as a whole, will always deliver solutions.

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