Now you can digitize X-ray films with the iGuana iDM X-ray Capture Solution.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a powerful unique feature of iGuana iDM which allows scanning of X-ray films. The iGuana iDM X-ray Capture Solution was developed in response to the growing need of modern healthcare institutions to provide an efficient way for healthcare professionals to access patient X-ray records. Traditional storage of X-ray films is an expensive undertaking and quite inefficient, both from the patient’s and the healthcare professional’s point of view.

iGuana iDM X-ray Capture Solution

With iGuana iDM X-ray Capture Solution there is no need, anymore, to store or give your precious X-ray films to your patients. Hundreds of thousands of X-ray films can now be digitized and archived in iGuana iDM via the X-ray Capture Solution, from virtually every desktop in the hospital, in less than 7 seconds per X-ray film, saving vast amounts of time and money.

The iGuana iDM iDesk user interface lets healthcare professionals query, retrieve, view, measure, annotate and print the scanned X-ray images from anywhere in the hospital.

PACS Integration

iGuana iDM integrates with PACS. Two-way integration allows scanned X-ray films to be sent to your PACS / RIS system via DICOM and existing DICOM images to be viewed in iDesk.