iGuana is pleased to announce that it is the winner of the Kodak Alaris Best Performance Partner 2016 award. The award ceremony took place during the Kodak Alaris Partner Summit 2017 in Lisbon, Portugal last month. iGuana is one of the largest authorized resellers of Kodak Alaris Document Imaging Products and a Certified Gold Partner for Kodak Capture Pro Software in Benelux.

iGuana – Supplier of Choice

For many years iGuana remains the supplier of choice for document scanning and digital archiving for organizations in multiple industries and is a leader in the Healthcare sector. With decades of experience in scanning massive volumes of documents, iGuana understands the important role that powerful digital archiving technology, document capture software and hardware (document scanners) play in the success of our clients’ Digital Transformation efforts. Solutions we provide to our customers incorporate all the necessary software, hardware, services and expert know-how needed to re-define and transform clients’ document-intensive processes.

The long-term collaboration between iGuana and Kodak Alaris, culminating in this year’s Best Performance Partner Award, testifies to the proven success of this mode of working. Kodak’s high-quality document scanners and capture software can be incorporated into a wide range of iGuana’s proprietary Electronic Document Management & Digital Archiving solutions. Customers are able to take advantage of a packaged solution and feel confident that their digitized documents are of the best possible quality.

Document Scanning at its Best

There is more to document scanning than passing paper through a scanner.

Paper documents come in various shapes and sizes. One organization may need to process tens of thousands of documents per day, while another – much less. Scanned images have to be of the best possible quality; they have to be indexed and classified in a structured manner; it should be possible to view these documents securely and integrate them into existing systems and workflows. All these and many other important considerations have to be taken into account when selecting the right document scanning solution and the right scanner. Read more about this here.

It is with these considerations in mind that iGuana offers a unique combination of products and services to assist customers in making these important decisions. And it is for this reason that iGuana is a trusted partner of Kodak Alaris and other reputable companies in the field of document capture.