If you are falling behind with your document scanning and have a backlog of paper files, consider renting a production scanner. Designed for high-volume, high-speed scanning, production scanners are an ideal solution to quickly and efficiently process a large number of paper documents.

Why Rent a Production Document Scanner?

A typical production scanner can process around 30.000 pages per day. Many organizations purchase one or more Kodak production scanners from us to process large volumes of daily insurance claims, incoming invoices, mail, patient files, to digitize their paper archives, etc.

There are, however, many organizations that do not need to process large volumes of documents on a daily basis. Instead, they have a backlog of paper files that need to be scanned at once (e.g. a one-off scan project). Alternatively, they may need to scan a large number of documents a few times per year. In this case, they will only require the scanner for a short time period; for example, for a period of two or three months.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, why not rent a production scanner when you need it and for as long as you need it?

Our Document Scanner Rental Package

Document scanner cost is proportional to its speed. The more pages per minute a scanner is capable of processing, the more it costs. This is especially true for production scanners. In addition, like any other hardware, scanners require installation, regular maintenance and repair due to normal wear and tear. Kodak Capture Pro software is also needed, so that you can scan and make use of your documents.

By renting a Kodak production scanner you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Rent your document scanner when you need it, instead of paying full price for the device
  • Properly budget your scanning expenses; no hidden costs and no surprises
  • Our experienced team will advise which production scanner to select to optimize your cost savings
  • You will receive your Kodak scanner already bundled with Kodak Capture Pro software
  • Our technicians will install and maintain your scanner during the term of the rental agreement

To find our more about the various possibilities, please contact us here.

Rent a scanner. When you need it. For as long as you need it.