Audi manufacturing plant in Brussels, whose production capacity exceeds 500 cars per day, was looking for an effective solution to manage quality control documentation, including car passports and other documents relating to different stages of the car production process. The number of paper documents generated on an average day at any car manufacturing plant is quite considerable. For Audi Brussels classic paper filing and archiving became an extremely time-consuming and costly daily activity.

Automated Document Scanning

The iGuana iDM Document Scanning and Archiving Solution allows Audi Brussels to fully automate and digitize filing of production related documents. Documents generated by different production departments are directed to the archive manager responsible for the scanning procedure. Considering the amount of documentation that needs to be processed at Audi Brussels, it is important to note that the archive manager’s responsibilities do not constitute a full-time job.

Everyone Can Scan

The archive manager prepares the documents for scanning and feeds them into the Kodak i4200 scanner which has a throughput speed of 100 pages per minute and a daily capacity of up to 30.000 pages. Each document passing through the scanner contains a barcode. iGuana iDM recognizes each barcode using the embedded barcode recognition engine and, through integration with Audi’s production database, obtains related metadata. This allows iGuana iDM to automatically classify and index the documents in question. Documents are archived in iGuana iDM in a revision-proof format and can be easily looked up and accessed by administrative staff via a fully web-based interface.

About Audi Brussels

Audi Brussels premium car manufacturing plant is located in the suburbs of Brussels. It occupies an area of over 540.000 square metres, employs over 2.500 workers and has a production capacity in excess of 500 cars per day. Car models produced at Audi Brussels include: Audi A1, Audi A1 Sportback, Audi A1 quattro, Audi S1.