Hellenic Bank chooses iGuana iDM as their corporate Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution.

The go-ahead was given by Mr Tryfon Christodoulou, Hellenic Bank’s Manager of Special Projects. And a special project it was. “Our role as the Special Projects department is to introduce new technology in the bank,” says Christodoulou. “The challenge lies in clearly identifying the bank’s current and projected needs, and matching them with the best solution available on the market.”

Having set up the Special Projects department 12 years ago, Christodoulou is certainly in the loop. But since his decisions ultimately affect the operation of 80 branches with 1500 employees in Cyprus, 500 in Greece and 100 in Russia, he has little room for adventurous experiments. He has to get it right on schedule and within budget. Christodoulou says: “We first introduced digitized document management two years ago. But as the bank expanded, we – and in particular the international banking division – recognized that a more sophisticated system could significantly upgrade our services, in terms of internal operation as well as client service.”

The First Step

Christodoulou placed his bet on iGuana iDM suite. As a first step, the system was introduced in the bank’s four IBU’s, and it is safe to say that iGuana iDM came, saw and conquered: “Based on our positive experience so far, we are now considering deploying iGuana across the bank,” says Christodoulou, and the decision is likely to come sooner rather than later. If ‘positive experience’ sounds a bit too romantic for some, ‘easy’ might be a good alternative. Christodoulou breaks it down into quick and easy to deploy, easy to adjust the software, easy to use, and easy to maintain.

Everyone Loves It

“It is not often (not to say never) that a project is deployed within a month,” Christodoulou notes. But iGuana iDM eased its way into its new environment – without any disruption of day-to-day operation – and was up and running within a month. Any teething problems? “There were a few minor hiccups in the beginning,” he admits, but fine-tuning the system was immediate and now “everyone loves it…” Because iGuana iDM has made their life easier. Bank employees at all levels find whatever they need, whenever they need it, with as little as a document type, customer detail, internal code or even a key word in the document itself. And unlike other systems, with iGuana iDM “you don’t need a lot of IT ‘babysitting’,” as Christodoulou puts it.

‘Easy’ also adds value. Take for example Hellenic Bank’s Netbanking service. Customers’ payment requests require the input of personal data and supporting documents. With iGuana iDM, all this often sensitive information will soon be fed through a single and secure electronic channel into the iGuana iDM repository. Best of all, the customer himself can access his personal ‘location’ for future reference at any point. Christodoulou confirms: “This is a unique feature that sharpens our bank’s competitive edge and is greatly appreciated by our customers.”

Take note: The easier something is to use, the harder it was to produce. In this case, iGuana iDM is the concentrate of 25 years of expertise and experience in document management software solutions. Solutions that are designed for large organizations with a high volume of paperwork; solutions that reduce pressure and add value to your business.

About Hellenic Bank

The Hellenic Bank Group commenced operations in 1976. In a relatively short period of time, it managed to establish itself as one of the largest banking and financial institutions in Cyprus. The Helllenic Bank Group enjoys a network of over 60 branches in Cyprus, employing 1390 people. The Hellenic Bank also operates four Representative Offices, one in Moscow and one in St Petersburg in the Russian Federation; one in Kiev in Ukraine and in Johannesburg, in the Republic of South Africa. The success of the Hellenic Bank Group is based on exemplary customer service, the wide range of products and services on offer and the use of the latest technology in information and control systems.