In response to customer needs, iGuana decided to invest in new, state-of-the-art microfilm and microfiche scanning equipment to replace its existing hardware at iGuana FilmFactory. FilmFactory is specialized in scanning, indexation and conversion of various types of microforms, such as microfiche and microfilm, and X-ray films to digital format. FilmFactory is one of the services offered by the ScanFactory document scanning division.

Many of our customers, particularly in the healthcare sector, maintain old microfilm and microfiche archives. Archiving documents on microfilm or microfiche was often used in the past as a way to back-up critical information, such as patient medical records, and to take advantage of the large storage capacity where a lot of images could be stored on a single roll of film, for example. In addition, unlike paper, microfilm and microfiche offered a solution to store and preserve important information for substantially longer periods of time.

Why Scan Microfilm & Microfiche?

Although there are many advantages to microfilm and microfiche archiving, these types of data storage media require special equipment to a) produce the actual microfilm or microfiche and b) to be able to read images off of them. They are also subject to specific storage requirements, otherwise they may be susceptible to damage. In addition, in our digital age, new methods have become available for archiving massive amounts of data. Digital images are much easier to store, manage, and index. Unlike microfilm or microfiche, they can also be accessed on-demand, shared by multiple authorized users and integrated into existing IT systems (for example, into HIS or EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems at hospitals). These are a few main reasons why an increasing number of organizations are opting to convert their microfilm or microfiche archives into digital archives.

Breathing New Life into Microfilm & Microfiche

The new iGuana microfilm and microfiche scanning equipment is designed to handle all types of microfilm and microfiche scanning projects, depending on customer needs. In addition to scanning, iGuana also indexes files contained on these media and provides metadata that can all be subsequently imported into the customer’s existing DMS (Document Management System), ECM (Enterprise Content Management System), HIS (Health Information System), ERP (Enterprise Resouce Planning System), or any other IT system. It is important to note that the resulting digital images are high-quality, are revision-proof and are delivered to customers in non-proprietary format to guarantee future accessibility.

The main objective is to help our clients bring their microfilm and microfiche back to life. For example, if a doctor needs to see a patient file as a matter of urgency, archive department staff no longer need to locate the relevant microfilm or microfiche, print the file off and deliver it to the requesting clinician. Instead, staff members have the tools to easily access digital files whenever they need them via the familiar interface of their DMS, ECM, ERP or HIS screen. Multiple authorised users can find and use the file at any point in time. This saves organizations a lot of time and effort.

Bring Your Microfilm & Microfiche Back to Life.
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