UZ Gent hospital chooses iGuana iDM to digitize and manage their human resource files.

Five years ago, UZ Gent, one of the largest and most reputable hospitals in Belgium, launched an ambitious project aiming to digitize the hospital’s medical records. The project proved to be a success, allowing UZ Gent to streamline and optimize their medical record management processes and workflows. This initial success paved the way to the next phase of the project – namely, to the full digitization of UZ Gent’s human resource files within iGuana iDM.

Processing Human Resource Files

iGuana iDM will be used to scan and classify a considerable backlog of paper files and manage already existing digital human resource files, including PDF documents, MS Office documents, and e-mails.

The backlog files will be scanned using barcode recognition technology, whereby every human resource file will contain barcoded separation pages. This will allow iGuana iDM to automatically assign each scanned file, as well as its contents, an appropriate classification within the software and create a logical tree structure for each file. Already existing and new electronic documents will be automatically stored within this logical tree structure.

Full integration of iGuana iDM with UZ Gent’s MPOG Human Resource Management (HRM) system will allow HRM users to have a unified view of each employee’s file.

About UZ Gent

UZ Gent, a dynamic organization with over 3,000 patients per day, more than 6,000 employees and 1,000 beds, is one of the largest and most specialized hospitals in Flanders. UZ Gent patients can take advantage of a full range of highly specialized, quality care and the hospital’s extensive facilities.