iGuana is pleased to announce its partnership with Pyramid Document Solutions. Pyramid is specialized in a range of outsourced document services, including printing and distribution of outgoing invoices for large and medium enterprises.

The ultimate goal of the iGuana-Pyramid partnership is to help customers save time and money by outsourcing the printing and archiving of their outgoing invoices.

Print, Mail, Archive

Organizations that have to deal with large volumes of outgoing invoices on a daily basis often find it challenging to minimize the amount of time spent and costs associated with processing, printing and mailing out these documents. By leveraging Pyramid’s experience in managing outgoing invoices and iGuana’s expertise in digital invoice processing and archiving, the two companies can provide an end-to-end solution to customers.

On the one hand, Pyramid handles all the logistics associated with distribution of outgoing invoices in an easy and cost-efficient way. This includes managing the customer’s stock of paper and envelopes, invoice printing, envelope insertion and direct mailing on the customer’s behalf. On the other hand, iGuana ensures that all printed invoices are correctly processed and archived in an electronic, legally compliant format for easy access and retrieval on-demand.

We trust that the iGuana-Pyramid collaboration will add value to the existing range of solutions and services offered by both companies and make them better prepared to address the invoice processing needs of their valued customers.

We look forward to a long and fruitful cooperation.

About Pyramid Document Solutions

Pyramid Document Solutions offers a wide range of outsourced document solutions and services, including: document printing and insertion in envelopes, paper and envelope stock management, track and trace of your document status, E-document solutions, and more.