iGuana is pleased to announce the launch of its new ScanFactory service – Store2Scan. This new service is offered in response to market demand for an alternative to conventional off-site paper archive storage and management.

Conventional archive management solutions imply that an organization outsources storage and management of its paper archive to an outside service provider. The service provider then charges a fee for physical archive storage, subsequent retrieval and delivery of physical documents on client request. Organizations may opt for this solution in order to relieve their staff from time-consuming, error-prone and costly archive management tasks. In addition, most organizations do not have unlimited space and are looking for ways to optimize its use, which is hardly possible if their archive remains on-site and continues to expand. However, simply moving an archive from one physical location to another is only part of the solution, since there remains physical storage off-site which requires management and results in recurring fees.

How is Store2Scan Different?

Store2Scan aims to turn this whole concept around with added value. Instead of storing client documents and delivering files to them whenever they need them, iGuana ScanFactory picks up a client’s paper archive, conducts full inventory of all documents contained therein, scans them, indexes them and delivers to client in digital and legally compliant format. Physical files are securely destroyed. The key difference is that clients pay to scan their files, not to store them, can access their documents at no charge at any time and spread the overall cost over the duration of the long-term scanning project. This allows organizations to eliminate recurring physical storage and document retrieval costs once and for all.

Key Benefits of Store2Scan

  • Customer archive is emptied a.s.a.p.; space can be re-purposed and operating costs are reduced
  • iGuana conducts a full inventory of a client’s paper archive and all documents are carefully registered
  • Customers pay for scanned documents, not for physical storage of their paper archive
  • Payments are spread over the duration of the long-term scanning project
  • Scanning can be done on-demand i.e. from a client’s perspective, they are fully digital on Day 1
  • Customers have full control over their digital archive – there are no recurring document retrieval costs
  • Client digital archive is fully compliant with regulations, privacy and document retention rules

For more detailed information about Store2Scan, please click here.

Why iGuana ScanFactory?

iGuana has over 30 years of experience in scanning and indexing huge volumes of documents. To date, iGuana ScanFactory processed well over 320.000.000 documents for various customers. iGuana’s safe and secure high-speed, high-volume document scanning facility, equipped with specialized scanning equipment and iGuana’s proprietary, tried-and-tested ScanFactory management software, employs a large team of professionals with many years of experience in processing documents and consistently delivering high-quality digital equivalents.

Store2Scan Your Paper Archive.
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